Monday, 29 October 2012

Essential Viewing For Those Who Cherish Freedom

Anyone concerned by the trends towards a totalitarian State in Britain, as evidenced, most recently by the Government drive to implant 14 year olds with contraceptive implants, should watch this video by a political group exposing the role of Common Purpose in Government and society.

You can visit their website, Common Purpose Exposed here.

Most interesting to me was this speakers ability to join the dots in the personnel involved in the removal of democracy and freedom in the UK and his proof that major banks, including Rothschild Bank, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are funding the entire operation.

We desperately need a new political party in the United Kingdom because as far as I can see, all the mainstream political parties are up to their necks in this subversion of democracy.


Nicolas Bellord said...

Well I am not sure it is essential viewing. Whilst the presenter raises some interesting questions it really does end up in conspiracy theory territory. "Common purpose" seems to be an organisation with the aim of encouraging people to take a more active part in public life - surely a laudable idea. Whether, because it does not promote particular agendas that it is therefore a cover for very questionable agendas is taking things a bit far and literally jumping to conclusions by linking various things together which only have very tenuous connections. I think we need to stick to specific issues rather than trying to tackle some very inchoate conspiracy. Might I recommend Professor John Haldane's talk to the Iona Institute as giving a more balanced view of the trends in society: (lecture)
and (q & A)

What he has to say about the future of Catholic Schools is an immediate and very serious problem.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Not a comment but just getting follow-up comments which I forgot to ask for!

The Bones said...

Who did Tony Blair work for after his diastrous time in office?

JP Morgan.

He has been paid handsomely for his service both in and out of office.

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