Monday, 1 October 2012

Step Out of the Closet, But Don't Step Out of Line


Everett: Doesn't see himself as part of the gay 'community'
Long-time readers will be aware that at some point, I decided to moderate comments on this blog. This I decided to do, partly, because whenever I made unfavourable comments about homosexuality or homosexual culture in the light of the Catholic Faith, I was bombarded by rather unpleasant comments from God alone knows who.

This was despite the fact that I had already on numerous occasions gone out of my way to stress that as someone who has the condition known in the Church as 'same-sex attraction', a condition known in the wider World as 'gay'. Therefore, you would think, not being 'in the dark' about homosexuality and what it entails for the individual, with all its intricasies and complexities, that my view would be accepted as at least valid.

Perhaps a man with same-sex attraction is bound to get a hostile reception from the 'gay community' if he also gives assent to the teachings of a religion like that of the Catholic Faith? Yes, this is the case, but its not the whole story. The sad truth is that what is known as the gay 'community' do not actually like individuals thinking for themselves and holding reasoned opinions based on their own experience. For instance, anyone who comes out, but who comes out 'the other side' is derided and pretty much despised. Yet, to attract the ire of the 'gay community', you don't even have to start batting for the other team or showing an interest in the other team. All you have to do is to question the received wisdom of the age.

So, for example, Rupert Everett, an actor who has made no secret of his sexual identity, has apparently been receiving 'hate mail' from members of the 'gay community' because he is perceived to have 'let the side down' over his recent comments suggesting that he does not think it a good thing for children to be raised by two men in a sexual relationship with one another.

In fact, one gay activist, in his blog, has named Rupert the 'Bigot of the Week' for his comments challenging the received wisdom that 'gay dads' raising children works out just fine and dandy and what could possibly go wrong? Rupert doesn't appear to be coming at this from any particular religious angle. It's just his opinion, based, presumably, on what he knows of the love that dare not keep schtum and how that might cause some problems for the healthy development of the child raised in that environment. His actual words were:

'I can't think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads.'

According to the Daily Mail, even, his comment sparked 'outrage'. But 'outrage' among whom, exactly? Could it be among the circles that campaign for gay liberation issues and their friends? The 'metropolitan elite'? God forbid that a homosexual should actually consider the interests of children who are now being used as pawns in the homosexual culture clash with Western civilisation that threatens, with 'gay marriage', to dismantle the institution of the family and put it back together again with a form of marriage and family indifferent to gender and biology.

The 'gay community' treat homosexuals as a single homogeneous group like the communists did 'the workers'. They take it upon themselves to speak for all homosexual people as if homosexuals are genetically programmed to nod our heads in agreement everytime someone from Stonewall comes on the telly to tell the rest of society to dispense with their previously held convictions of what constituted the family, marriage, or even normality. God help the gays who cross the picket line!

Worse than this, however, is the way in which those who have good will towards the plight of homosexuals in this World, like the liberal establishment in the media, government and the rest, take it upon themselves to advance the agenda of an extreme group of gay fanatics into society to the detriment to the common good of all, thinking that they are doing a favour to all homosexuals because, according to this vanguard, even those homosexuals who disagree with the agenda are 'backward types' who require re-education, along with the rest of the the non-homosexual world who don't believe the propaganda - and it is propaganda. If the 'gay marriage' and 'gay parenting' stuff was not propaganda, people would be allowed to freely challenge the doctrines of gay liberation without getting hate mail or being publicly scorned for having caused 'outrage' to a group who have little time to even consider the effects that being raised in a 'loving, gay household' might have upon the development and world-view of an impressionable young child.

Stick to your guns, Rupert. And don't let the b*ggers get you down. There are worse things than being excommunicated from the 'gay community'...


Pétrus said...

Surely the chap from Stonewall isn't aware of the research out there that suggests that children raised by two gay parents DO SUFFER?

Lynda said...

The truth is anathema to the homosexual cause. Mr Everett spoke the truth.

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