Thursday, 4 October 2012

Telegraph Poll on Abortion

Click on the image to see full size. Interesting, eh? You can still vote on the Telegraph poll here.

Maria Miller has reopened the abortion debate, saying she would vote for a lowering of the limit.


Pétrus said...

Bones, can I suggest you use a different browser other than Internet Explorer. I personally recommend Google Chrome but pretty much anything else will be an improvement.

Good Counsel said...

Dear Bones
Please would you consider blogging about, or linking to one of the existing blogs about 40 days for life? This time around there seems to be a general feeling that “everyone knows about it” or just that the 40 days sites are getting by OK.
In fact, Brixton was having to close in the middle of it’s first few days, and Bedford Square had no cover at all on Sunday, just before the “anti’s” turned up for their Sunday protest, and 2 ladies saying the Rosary to their 6 protestors by 1pm.
The Whitfield St Vigil, which is 24 hours a day is going strongly, but only because our interns invest a huge amount of time rallying the troops!
Things are picking up now and we are trying to keep a good level of cover at all the vigils, but we can’t do that without the help of bloggers like yourselves.
Please help us to get cracking on raising the profile – 3 London Vigils are a big commitment, but it is eminently do-able. Please come yourselves and ask others to come and to pray and fast for the success of the campaign and the closure of at least one abortuary.
Blogs on 40 Days
A million thanks!
Clare McCullough

Good Counsel said...

And I forgot to include the Vigil details:
Come to the Whitfield St Vigil, day or night London Whitfield Street (24 hours a day)
Eddie 07932105696 or 02077231740

Come to Brixton 8am-8pm - a new Vigil which urgently needs your support to grow
London Brixton
Dave Belton 07956 458516

Come to Bedford Square 8am-8pm - and remember they face a protest from pro-deathers every Sunday from 1-4pm too
London Bedford Square
Robert - 07947698195
Email -
Facebook -

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