Friday, 5 October 2012

Pray for an End to Abortion: Support 40 Days for Life

Join them in standing vigil and praying in defence of human life
It is vital that we keep the 40 Days for Life, now in full swing, in our prayers, and that if we are possibly able to attend the vigils, that we give it our support in person.

After the last pro-life effort of 40 Days for Life, the presence of pro-lifers and those defending the unborn placed abortion back again in the headlines. Following fast on the heels of this endeavour, the travesty of 'gendercide' hit the headlines. Again, abortion is back in the news because Maria Miller, Minister for Women, has said that she would like to see the abortion limit reduced to 20 weeks.

While any reduction in abortions is to be welcomed, the Church and those on the side of protecting human life can never give support to any abortion of any human life, since all life, from conception to death is sacred and to be cherished.

Keep the issue of abortion and the 40 Days for Life vigils, their work with those considering abortion and especially the excellent work of the Good Counsel Network, so good at supporting women in crisis, in your prayers. If you can, add your presence, if only for a short while to those standing in defence of the unborn and of all human life - in defence of women, mothers as they offer real hope to those who in desperate times are considering an option that appears easier, but will only lead to more heartbreak for all concerned. Pray for those who work in the field of abortion, the doctors, nurses and professionals, that they may see the destruction and devastation of human life involved in every abortion for what it really is...

40 Days is a great opportunity to witness against abortion. It takes commitment and sacrifice though, so let's give some commitment and get going on the prayer and fasting.
Don't let us waste this opportunity, we are either part of the solution to abortion or part of the problem. If we never make any public witness against abortion we are part of the problem.

Click here for more information on the vigils taking place in London from the Good Counsel Network.

Come to the Whitfield St Vigil, day or night London Whitfield Street (24 hours a day)
Eddie 07932105696 or 02077231740

Come to Brixton 8am-8pm - a new Vigil which urgently needs your support to grow
Dave Belton 07956 458516

Come to Bedford Square 8am-8pm - and remember they face a protest from pro-deathers every Sunday from 1-4pm too
Robert - 07947698195


Good Counsel said...

Thank you so much. People were a bit thin on the ground at the beginning of this 40 Days but it's picking up and it's great to have you getting the word out!

40DaysForLifeSouthampton said...

Come to The Royal South Hants Hospital, St Mary's Road entrance at Brintons Terrace - stand in humble prayer for the next 30 days any hour from 7am to 7pm, outside a hospital that is billed as the place to go if you're seeking an abortion in this area, where they're very happy to dole out pills of all strength to girls and women.

See what ChildLine have to say:

"How does an abortion happen and will it hurt?

There are different ways to remove an unwanted pregnancy, depending on how many weeks pregnant you are. In early pregnancy (up to 9 weeks) some doctors may give you two special tablets to take which will cause you to miscarry the pregnancy. It’s a bit like having a heavy period..."
ChildLine answering the question 'will it hurt?'

Your physical presence is needed - are you going to ignore the call?

See also Facebook and ProLifeBook

Lynda said...

Thank you for continually highlighting this defining issue. There has not been enough promotion of the current 40 Days for Life. God bless you.

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