Sunday, 7 October 2012

Show Off!

But what a voice! Long may he show it off and his lamp burn bright for the World to, er, hear.

Maybe he could go to St Augustine's in Hammersmith and teach them a lesson or two!

Go for it, Brother! Yeah! What an awesome gift!

For a truly Franciscan video, however, I feel the make up team should have been made to look a bit more dirty, like he hadn't washed for days or something.

Friar Alessandro has actually got a record deal. Would St Francis have signed a record deal? Now there's a question.

Here's the BBC showing their usual passionate enthusiasm for religious music. Far more comfortable talking about Theo Walcott...



pelerin said...

I see the BBC devoted all of 43 seconds to talking about the singer! The Mail on Sunday did better and had a two page spread by the Friar headed 'Heavenly Assisi.' Pity the BBC did not mention that all the money he makes will go to the friars.

I am surprised they did not liken his voice to Andrea Bocelli and instead mentioned the Singing Nun. I suppose it was the religious connection which made then do this but their voices are slightly different!

The Singing Nun - Soeur Sourire - had a surprise hit in England many years ago with a catchy song, sung in French, about St Dominic. I still have the 45 record though nothing to play it on! I loved her songs at the time but have not given them any thought for years for years - must see if they are on youtube.

Sadly there was a dispute over the money she earned and she left the Convent for America I believe and had a tragic death. It appears she was a very troubled soul. I do hope that the friar does not follow in her footsteps in this way.

pelerin said...

Yes 'Dominique' is on youtube. Lovely to hear it again - it's made my day!

Hughie said...

(Resubmitted with spelling and grammatical mistakes corrected and one word changed for reasons of style.)

I never, ever thought anyone would, or could, sing Panis Angelicus better than Canon Sydney MacEwan. Maybe it is simply the superior quality of modern-day recording, but Friar Alessandro, I think, has bettered the good Canon.

PS: Canon Sydney's Wikipedia entry refers to his narrow defeat in the 1977 Rectorial Election at Glasgow University. I was involved in that campaign which was a collaborative effort between the CatSoc and the GUU Celtic Supporters Club. I belonged to both.

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