Thursday, 27 March 2014

Benjamin Creme on Pope Francis

This is from Share International's gnostic - scrub that - occult website, which predicts the emergence of a new 'World Teacher' called Maitreya.

I know that readers would say, as I would say, 'Benjamin Creme would say that, because he's basically a loon'. However, it is worthwhile just for the record to note that he said it.

Q. Do you know if Pope Francis is being impressed or inspired by a Master in his various speeches against greed, the powerful economic powers of the world, and against the pure form of capitalism that still is so attractive to many rich sections of society?

A. He is inspired by Maitreya.

Whatever this individual really thinks of the Catholic Church and its Pope - and you can bet its not particularly nice - that little response means that one of the World's most public apologists for, and worshippers of Lucifer, says, 'Pope Francis: Keep on going as you are. You're doing a grand job.'

Has Pope Francis heard of Maitreya? Doubt it. But more than one or two websites out there on the peripheries propose that Mr Creme is not mad, just bad, and that he is the forerunner for the Antichrist when he makes his appearance on the world's stage, proposing some solution to the injustice, hunger and disease in the world.

Pope Francis is attracting some interesting admirers. Someone should tell Pope Francis that leading occultist, Benjamin Creme, admirer of Crowley, Blavetskey, Pike, La Vey and all those famous apologists for Lucifer, who claims to commune with various 'spirits' and who believes he is a mouthpiece for a new age messiah, publicly suggests that His Holiness is being inspired by someone that both Catholics and non-Catholics suggest will be the Antichrist.

Perhaps, having just met with President Obama, His Holiness will have had a good training day in how to deal with the perfectly possessed but methinks Benjamin Creme may not have said such a thing of Pope Francis's predecessor(s)!


Liam Ronan said...

Benjamin Creme must be a million years old by now.
In any event, following on your observations regarding the meeting between the Pope and the Nobel Peace Prize winner today, I note from an article in the Remnant that Obama presented the Pope with a seed-box constructed from disused wooden pews on which the Carmelite nuns would be seated when they once attended Mass behind drawn curtains at a Baltimore Catholic Church. (Was that some sort of exquisite insult?)
What happened to those gifts is both humorous and...a bit eerie. Here's the link:

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Methinks he wouldn't have, either. Well, maybe some JPII hiccoughs he might thought 'worthy' of the antichrist.

Unknown said...

Creme would never ever ever have said such a thing about Pope Francis' predecessors. Spooky, isn't it? Maybe he is the Biblical false prophet. Or he's just a Jesuit.

Unknown said...

BTW I knew a group of Catholics who were in a Maitreya cult in St. Louis, Missouri. And as a staff member now at a Catholic Church in the Seattle area, my colleagues and I began receiving emails about the Maitreya. Don't know who they were from. BTW my name is Kim but I can't seem to get my IPhone to give me a google name. Probably because I'm a damn Luddite.

tempus putationis said...

The chief aim on the agenda of Share International is the destruction of the Catholic Church. They will fail in that, clearly, but they will do as much damage as they can.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...
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Sue D. Nimm said...

Frank knows about Maitreya and THE SECRET of the KoC.

Nicholas Dyson said...

Watch Constance Cumbey "Discovering the new age" over on you tube in which she relates her expediences of Creme at a meeting that she infiltrated .

Assisi said...

There are clear masonic elements to Bergoglio. First his Papal flag, almost identical to the one he authored in Argentina, has a star on it, the first one had a flaming star. Google that masonic symbol. 5 and 6 pointed stars are always occult/masonic. The second item is the-bunch-of-grapes insignia. The first masonic lodge in the new world was, and is called, "The bunch-of-grapes Lodge" in Boston. The top insignia is IHS, but that has a double meaning for gnostics, it was the insignia of their reincarnation of The Knights Templar. Bergoglio's famous subway photo with his hand, oddly in his shirt, is a masonic "2nd tier" signal. You'll find other famous historical masons with the same gesture, with Napolean coming to mind firstly. Many masonic lodges and occult temples lauded Bergoglio's ascending into the papacy. Then there is the Argentine Junta from the 70's. During that fascist era (It must be remembered that all WW2 Nazi's felt Argentina a desirable place to flee, but I digress..) During that era up to 40k Argentinians disappeared. Bergoglio lived in the Junta headquarters, allegedly appealing for the neo-Nazi's to have mercy on enemies of the state. In 2009. Bergoglio was subpoenaed to testify about his hand in these atrocities, but said he couldn't recall. Marxist Jesuits say Bergoglio was in the room with them when they were interrogated and tortured, and approved of executions, which were helicopter rides a couple miles out over the ocean where they were summarily dumped alive. Google if you dare to doubt. Finally, Bergoglio allowed a rich families "transvestite" son to marry, as a woman, in his Buenos Aries Basillica. For seven years, we heard of Benedict's "Nazi-youth" era slams, but Bergoglio's real-life living with neo-nazi's we hear nothing of. Implications of conspiring in the deaths of thousands? Nothing! Skorka, his Rabbi BFF, co-writes a book with Bergoglio, endorsing sodomy, among other things, and nothing. The enemies of God and man know who their boy is, and like they did for Scarry Barry Sotero/Johnson, they'll cover for him as long as he's the good puppet. VIVO CHRISTO REY!

Sue D. Nimm said...

(1) Factually incorrect about "the bunch of grapes." It's a spikenard bloom: spikenard is the oil used to annoint Jesus, and it is a plant commonly found in the Himalayas. Wherever the Good News is *truly* proclaimed, it will be in honor of the woman who wasted the rich Indian perfume on His head. See Mark 14:9.

(2) Constance Cumbey is a discredited fearmonger. She was part of a 1980s counterknowledge/disinformation campaign.

Assisi said...

"The site of the
Here on 30th of July 1733 was instituted under charter from the Grand Lodge of England the first regularly constituted lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in America now St. Johns Lodge of Boston.

Assisi said...

Assisi said... (How Spikenard is usually displayed, not as fruit, but as finished product. Plus, as you may know Ms. Nimm, masons/occultists revel in ambiguity and hidden meaning. Spend a little time searching out Illuminati/NWO symbolism hidden in plain sight. God Bless!)

Unknown said...

Great post, Bones. V. interesting.

You might like this:

Re: Benjamin Creme Egg Head & the Lucis Trust, World "Goodwill" org, etc.

"In New York, World Goodwill gives credit to the following organisations for their involvement in its work: [among others] Emmaus ... and The Catholic Worker" and in Geneva, Pax Christi International.

Check out the logo for PCI. At first it looks like a dove facing west. But step back a bit and relax your eyes. What do you see?

Sue D. Nimm said...

"Lower down on the shield there is a star and spikenard flower."

I know about esoteric symbolism, which is designed to half-conceal and half-reveal, and unfortunately, abused by some who were never correctly initiated.

I have access to more than the paranoid propagandist lies on the Internet. The Archives are open to those who seek the Truth.

David said...

Just FYI: a representative of Benjamin Creme spoke about Maitreya at length with the previous Pope, Cardinal Ratzinger (when he was still a Cardinal). The Cardinal just smiled and never gave an indication if he believed any of the story or not. I think the current Pope would be more receptive

Anonymous said...

The young people of Europe have been softened up for a so-called 'world teacher'. Young people are always telling me that 'all religions are saying the same thing'. Os Guinness, an evangelical Christian and distinguished sociologist, predicted that in the Western world there would be a kind of 'take over' by Eastern mysticism. Mr Guinness called this 'the kiss of death'. (See his book The Dust of Death published early in the 1970s and now reprinted.) Maitreya or some similar figure, will appeal to the young everywhere - particularly if he sounds open minded on the theme of sexuality and gender etc. Both Pope Paul VI and John Paul II endorsed the evil antichrist Sri Chinmoy who sexually abused young women in his care. We need to return to good sound Biblical theology. We need to call Europe back to belief in Jesus Christ as Lord, Saviour and King. 'No one comes to the Father except through me.' JOHN HAGGERTY, SCOTLAND.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow Scot and Lowlander I would love to invite Benjamin Creme to worship with me in the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland where he would hear some real Biblical preaching. He could also attend Sunday evening services with my Evangelical friends who are committed Bible street preachers in Scottish and English cities. Even occultists can repent and ask to be washed clean in the blood of Jesus Christ. I know at least one spiritist who has repented after the Holy Spirit revealed to her that she was being manipulated by demons. It is not too late for Benjamin to repent of his idolatry, to renounce Maitreya and to be saved by the Lamb of God. 'I am the way, the truth and the life,' Jesus said, 'no one comes to the Father except through me.' J HAGGERTY, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND.

Bryn Gerard said...

Of all the priest I have ever met there was only one that I found to have displayed the qualities of Christ. He later told me that me that he was a communist. All of the others displayed vile characteristics, foul temper, abuse of children, excessive use of alcohol, greed, avarice, abuse of power, lying etc. I could continue the list but most thinking and aware people will understand what I am saying.

Benjamin Creme has never displayed those characteristics to my knowledge. Rather, he has given tirelessly of himself to others. Conveyed healing and education that free's people, enlightens them and brings them to a point of being a useful, productive and decent person. I have never seen much of this from catholic priests!

I get the impression that most of the catholic clergy are disturbed by Pope Francis because he deals with Maitreya's priorities right in their face. They are not interested in liberating people because as soon as they are, they will have no use for priests. He is a genuine disciple of the Christ Maitreya.

My sincere hope is that you will recognise the truth and become decent people who do not support the vile practices the world has seen from the catholic church throughout time.

Bryn Gerard, Liverpool, England.

Anonymous said...

To Bryn:
Benjamin Creme has now passed into eternity. Many people who knew him will bear witness to his sincerity and his compassion.
No Christian can be a disciple of what you call 'Christ Maitreya' because there is no such being as Christ Maitreya.
There is but one Jesus of Nazareth who is Christ the Lord. Jesus and Jesus alone will return to judge the living and the dead.
He will judge those sinful priests that you speak of.
The so-called 'Master Jesus' of Theosophy is an imposter.
Jesus warned us that false Christs will come. Maitreya is a false Christ and a deceiver.
Benjamin Creme was fooled by the false ideas of Theosophy. That was his tragedy.
Read a book called 'God the Father, God the Son' by Martyn Lloyd-Jones.
Listen to Dr Lloyd-Jones's sermons online.
J Haggerty

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