Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mafia Issue Public Statement in Response to Pope Francis

In fairness he is right. A little bit of manners goes a long way with these people. Seriously, like many readers, I have mafia connections and they all say the same. They like a bit of protocol.

Thanks, too, to Joe Bratelli of Sicilly for acknowledging receipt of my 'Pope-Hell-warning card'. I know how bad the post can be in your part of the world. Thanks too, for the horse's head I found in my bed this morning. You guys crack me up with your violent pranks! Thanks for that, Joe. It served as a salutary reminder to me to say that I should have added to the card a small note to mention that even though this is what Pope Francis said, its not really his or my place to judge.

God bless, Joe and see you in the summer. No hard feelings, right?

While we digest news that a massive cocaine seizure has taken place en route to the Vatican (in Lent????!!!) let's watch that Baptism scene in The Godfather once Latin.


Liam Ronan said...

When I read that Pope Francis issued his stern statement to the Mafia, I thought of Il Capo dei Capi Sicilian Corleonese Mafiosa,Salvatore Riina, who was called "The Beast" and his subaltern, Bernardo Provenzano, both of whom are imprisoned very near Rome and both of whom are steadfastly unrepentant notwithstanding the many murders they have been convicted of.
I recall that Pope John Paul II visited Mehmet Ali Agca in prison following the attempted assassination.
Would it not be a wonderful and moving gesture for Pope Francis to visit Salvatore Riina or Bernardo Provenzano in their prison cells in order to convince them to repent while they still can?
I actually pray for the salvation of these mafiosi and ask others to do so as well.
Does any of your readership know how to pass this along to the Holy Father? Anyone with connections? (no pun intended).

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Mr Bones

'just when i thought I was out, they pull me back in'
We've all had Frankinhellcard days. I'm sure Mr Joe TheBusiness, appreciates your courtesy. After all, Belloc wrote:

'Of Courtesy, it is much less,
Than courage of heart or holiness,
Yet in my walks, it seems to me
That the grace of God is in Courtesy.'

p.s. I'm not sure this poem was ever translated into beunosairesbounceranto.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...


'one flew east, one flew west, and one flew over the cuckoo's nest'.

I imagine that because they are behind bars, nurse rachet is content.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

p.s. it might seem i 've got a lack if charity towards nurse ratched, but once decieved, twice demanding proof of truth.

Christ was so accommodating, the Word Incarnate, signs and miracles to convince. he was no nurse ratched.

Liam Ronan said...

Basta! Enough now. I posted a serious comment and had hoped to get useful information in response.
Your comments (about which I believe I've been charitable heretofore) are much like what the younger generation refers to as 'photo-bombing'. Someone is trying to snap a careful photograph and you walk into the shot.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

@Liam - why should my broader comment prevent someone offering a more specific response to your investigation or your hopes?

Nurse Ratched wanted everyone who disagreed with her bars to be sedated.

Serious, imperious, delirious. Next time perhaps if the photo op is more well defined, I shall no trip into frame.

Did you here the one about the mafiosa, the priest and the irishman. They walk into a bar and...

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

p.s. there is a radical difference between Northern Italy and Southern Italy, despite the socialist 'unification' (marxism has a bunch to do with this but whatever). TheBusiness came into being by and large as a negative response to northern 'inculturation' (labour unions not withstanding, but whatever).
On the broader topic of Mr Bones, when you go to Rome, you might note a distinct lack of courtesy when compared with the south. Whatever your alliegance to those you have mentioned, I would be interested to know why you have the impression that the Bishop of Rome should have a particular concern for them beyond the others he has put in a hell-box?

p.s. if mr bones thinks I'm stepping into too many shots on his site, it's up to him to do the editing.

oh dear, and I thought I was not going ratched in the brain from lack of meat over lent.

pray for me.

Liam Ronan said...

Ah, yes! But the native-American Indian managed to escape but, for all his wiles, the clever one earned himself a pre-frontal lobotomy.
Sorry if I was too abrupt with you, viterbo. (By the way, are you from Viterbo, Italia?)
Don't worry over-much about photo-bombing the picture. I can crop the photograph if I need...joking.
I think I've heard every Irish joke known to man. It comes with the territory.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think its possible the pope might now get an offer he no canna refuse?

Anonymous said...

You're brilliant!!! Thank you very much for the relief of your scintillating wit.

Anonymous said...

Bravo His Holiness Pope Francis!
His Holiness Leo XIII challenged the Masons in the 19th century. We need more courageous acts like this.
His Holiness has got the moral authority to speak up for the voiceless of this world.
May St Michael protect Him all the time!

memoryman said...

Always be suspicious of the Masons

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

will a voted papa by the white smoke gettanoffa he can refooose?
knowing nothing, only those bound by immortal Truth; or those enslaved by temporal 'majesty'
get the 'chance'. just as well.

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