Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Benedict XVI: The 'Dead Pope' Not Dead Enough for the Liberals

I've been thinking some about that comment from Mr Mickens, just trying to get inside his head a little and little about it makes sense. It makes about as much sense as Elena Curti's latest effort. Supposedly, the liberal dissenting crowd from The Tablet are head over heels that Francis is Pope and Benedict XVI is not. Benedict XVI's status is curious in as much as he is kind of like a dead Pope who is alive. I hope that doesn't sound disrespectful, but its kind of how it is.

He is a Pope Emeritus who is not reigning, who laid down the keys and passed them onto another, handing over to another to the governance of the Church he felt was no longer within his physical and spiritual power to govern.

In terms of the Papacy, Benedict XVI is dead even though he is alive. He no longer sits upon the Throne of Peter. He no longer exercises authority. He cannot issue motu proprios. Another has taken his place who, it appears, is more to The Tablet's liking, or, at least, more easily presented as such, especially if Vatican Radio is anything to go by.

Not reigning, yet still keeping Mickens awake at night?
Why is this not enough for one such as Bobby Mickens? Even in 'victory' he is unhappy and frustrated that a frail and elderly man who governed the Church with wisdom and prudence (if not Bobby's kind of wisdom or Bobby's kind of prudence) is breathing the same air as him.

It would be naive to think that Bobby is alone in his death-wish for the 'dead Pope' still living even though 'Francis rules ok'. Obviously, the individual with whom he was discussing the matter with agreed with him and these two are doubtless not alone in their view. That's the frightening thing. They won't be happy, presumably, until he is gone, dead, to his eternal reward and his memory can be slowly, or even rapidly, erased. It seems to me, just from that comment, that there exists a very real, frightening and arguably diabolical hatred for Benedict XVI that existed within and without of the Vatican before his election, during his pontificate and even after his resignation.

Benedict XVI is not the Pope anymore. So, why isn't Bobby Mickens happy? Even when Francis does or says controversial things, Benedict XVI keeps silent. Does he see an ailing, elderly man dressed in white as some real and present danger, a threat to the new Church of the Brotherhood of Man that Bobby seeks to will, in union with his Vaticanista chums, into being?


Long-Skirts said...

Bones said:

"In terms of the Papacy, Benedict XVI is dead even though he is alive."

...contradiction most despise!


Weary, weary,
On this earth
Shielding souls
Beyond their worth.

Few are grateful
Some regress
Others proud
They won't confess

When the waves
Break on the shore
Warning them
What is before.

You stand on this rock
'Gainst the gales
Fore those who mock

Facing squalls
They cannot see
But all behold
Your bended knee.

Few will follow
Some deny
They won't comply.

Then a blue moon
Saffron sun
Come together
Almost one.

Fingers blessed
With Holy Oil
You lift the Light…
Sun moon recoil.

Blinding many
Opening eyes
Most despise.

But on this rock
You stand your ground
Opposing strife.

Between the storms
And sheep you block
The tempest winds
That hurt the flock.

With outstretched arms
The daily crux
You nail the Truth
So not in flux

Never will lie
Only can free
Upon this rock

Anonymous said...

I think because demons are behind such hate for the good, for Benedict.

Anonymous said...

People like Mr. Mickens appear to have no sense of what being a Catholic is not a question of is not a question of liking loving or hating a particular pope is not a question of inventing morality to suit the world ...people like Mr. Mickens in my view have become quite wicked enemies INSIDE the Church...they hate Her - the Bride of Christ ...that calls all souls to a divine friendship with Our Lord and all of Heaven ...they have no faith - Pope Benedict was too clear about all of this for perverted minds like Mr. Mickens and I think the modernist heresy destoys brain cells that use logic. They hate the logic of Benedict.

To be sure we must pray for the likes of Mr. Mickens ...I shall make an effort ....but it is not easy to pray for a nasty piece of work like him ...but I don't want him to perish in the everlasting flames which he stopped believing in long ago (if he ever did) ...but which Someone no less the The Glorious Mother of God showed to 3 little children...

I know it's stupid as there is nothing to be done - but I wish Pope Benedict (who I love a lot) hadn't done what he did...I don't like 2 popes in the Vatican one bit...


Frederick Jones said...

Hatred seems to be a characteristic of the political and religious left. Fostering hatred of one's opponents, even demonising them, seems to be part of their stock in trade. Such an emotion is not only against the principles of a democratic pluralist society but it is sinful. Still just as we knew at Mrs Thatcher's funeral who the nasty people were in politics so we now know after the resignation of the excellent Pope Benedict who they are in religious matters.

Anonymous said...

The Church has always taught that the contemplative life is her power house from which she draws the strength to evangelise and transform the world. A very Holy Man left a life of works to persue a monastic life. We cannot see such truths from this side of eternity but I suspect that today Pope Benedict is possibly carrying out his greatest works as he pleads before the throne of God for the bride of Christ who's body is so very sick. Fear not but Pray much.

john-of-hayling said...

As a High Court Judge might say "And who is this Mickens?"

Eccles said...

As a Christian gesture, I'm hoping to get "Bobbie" as a guest blogger on Sunday. He will have a chance to please his case, explain why he hates Pope Benedict, and register his application for the job of Rome correspondent of the prestigious "Nuns in custard" magazine.

Nicolas Bellord said...

I think Micken's problem with the Emeritus Pope is that simply he is there. We know from Archbishop Ganswein that he advises Pope Francis perhaps even correcting him when he has ad-libbed a bit too far. This must be horrific for Tabletistas or even ex-Tabletistas.

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