Friday, 21 March 2014

Support an honest priest

Sign, if you wish, this petition calling for the removal of the suspension of a priest who exposed bullying by a homosexual club in seminaries during his time training to be a priest.


Liam Ronan said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lord, for this and other faithful priests who ate willing to be persecuted for the love of God and souls.

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Terry Mushroom said...

How we know that Fr Despard's allegations are true?

Anonymous said...

How do we know Fr Despard's allegations are true?
Read a book titled 'Goodbye, Good Men' published in the United States just over ten years ago.
The author describes in detail the culture of sexual abuse in American seminary schools. The truth of the divinity and resurrection of Christ was routinely denied in the modernist teaching in these so-called Catholic schools.
How do we know Fr Despard's allegations are true?
Because Cardinal Keith O'Brien of Scotland was having a homosexual relationship with more than one young priest, because he made homosexual advances to young seminarians in Dumfries when drunk, because no one had the guts to 'out' him as a liar and a fraud.
Because after his downfall the Pope allowed O'Brien to keep his title of cardinal, and the church bought him a bungalow and rewarded him with a fat pension.
I left the Catholic Church years ago and now worship in reformed churches like the Free Church of Scotland.
Fr Despard is to be admired for telling the truth about the unbelievable corruption of the church he loves.
J Haggerty, Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

You have kindly published my comment.
May I just add that Michael S Rose is the author of 'Goodbye, Good Men - How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church'.
One shocking episode, recounted by Michael Rose, tells how a 17-year-old student was mocked and derided by faculty staff for his devotion to the Rosary, for reading the Papal encyclicals, and for having a framed photo of Pope John Paul II in his bedroom.
This young pre-seminarian describes 'a spirit of evil' which pervaded the school.
Older boys sexually preyed on younger boys with the knowledge of the faculty.
Faculty members favoured certain boys for their looks.
Any pupil showing 'traditionalist' leanings would be referred to a secular psychologist, or told plainly there was no future for him in the priesthood.
This appeared to be widespread in many seminary schools, often with the full knowledge of the bishops of the diocese.
Feminist nuns were in collusion with actively homosexual priests to exclude decent young men with 'traditionalist' leanings.
The feminist nuns were pushing for the ordination of women, of course, and the homosexual priests were pushing for the normalization of 'gay relationships' and even 'gay marriage'.
Mr Rose's book sent me back to a biography of Bishop Marcel Lefebvre.
Jack Haggerty, Glasgow.

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