Saturday, 22 March 2014

Francis Reads Riot Act to the Impious, Heretics, Dissenters, Schismatics and all Unrepentant Sinners

Okay, just to the mafia. But then they do say there's a certain 'mafia' in the Church.

Taken out of the homily, its a rather good quote because it could apply to any sinner, 
or, indeed every unrepentant mortal sinner.

I'm printing it out and giving it to all my mafia friends.


Anonymous said...

"I'm printing it out and giving it to all my mafia friends."

LOL! That is so sharp - ouch!

The Pope need someone with your kind of wit around him! He may even enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Are a mafia member's mortal sins different to others' mortal sins with regard to the spiritual and eschatological consequences? Why do members of the mafia get the clear admonition but not those outside the mafia?

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Sorry, but Bergoglio sounds like Luther in one of the proto-Jansenist moments condemned in Exsurge Domine.

1) Whether there is or is not happiness in the present life for someone is up to God, not to Bergoglio;

2) Whether a certain person will go to Hell or not unless he repents, i e if he is a mortal sinner or not, is ALSO up to God.

Bergoglio seems to imagine the kind of "god" who would feel angered at a soul in Purgatory feeling relief at getting out of there, through an Indulgence, sooner than according to Divine Justice, as such, he ought to have expected.

Just another indication that the guy may have been a heretic before election and therefore ineligible for Papacy.

On top of the Conclave's neglect of question whether any other Papal lines than the Montini - Wojtyla - Ratzinger one could be the real Papacy.

Liam Ronan said...

The very same thought crossed my mind, Laurence.
I read that Pope Francis is scheduled to meet the U.S. President on Thursday 27 March.
Good occasion for His Holiness to speak out against the pervasive evils of the world.
The Pope may say a few words as well.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Oh, out comes the hell-card. Does he really believe it? I thought one could follow one's own conscience to heaven, whatever the nature of it.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

“They disguise themselves, they disguise themselves as good people: they make themselves up like little holy cards, looking up at heaven as they pray, making sure they are seen—they believe they are more righteous than others, they despise others." Pope Francis.

Hell-card or holy-card - the Bouncer of Buenos Aires definitely has a list.

Joe Bratelli, Sicilly said...

Thank you for the card.

Liam Ronan said...

@Joe Bratelli,
I have posted a response to Laurence's recent topic: "Mafia Issue Public Statement in Response to Pope Francis". If Laurence posts my comment I would be grateful if you might read it and comment on it.
In short, I had hoped that Pope Francis might have made a point of visiting the Sicilian Mafiosi Salvatore Riina or Bernardo Provenzano in prison to evangelize and perhaps convert them. That gesture would send quite a message.

FGA said...

For a man who claims not to judge he seems pretty darn judgmental.

If only the Mafia could turn their lives and efforts over to something less offensive to the Pope.

Perhaps, they could become divorced homosexuals who run abortion "clinics"......

yeah, that ought to get Jorge off their backs!

memoryman said...

Mafia/Masons?What's the difference?

Unknown said...

I thought Jorge wanted more stinky sheep in his church, Why not have the mafioso over for tango dancing and bird blessing?

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I misread a bit when cited out of context.

After expressing solidarity with the 842 people at the vigil, he said that he could not leave the service without addressing those not present: The "protagonists" of mafia violence.

"This life that you live now won't give you pleasure. It won't give you joy or happiness," he said.

"There's still time to not end up in hell, which is what awaits you if you continue on this path."

If he had been English he would have said "won't give you much pleasure, won't give you real joy or happiness". Let's give a Latin some slack when it comes to hyperbole in a sermon, shall we.

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