Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Leperous Courtier?

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25 March 2014
Feast of the Annunciation

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing following news that you are possibly recruiting for a new Rome correspondent for your edgy Catholic magazine. Allow me to introduce myself...

Seriously though, we shouldn't leap for joy that a man's career has taken a light battering today following a vile Facebook conversation in which he seemed to wish death upon the Pope Emeritus, describing the latter as 'The Rat'.

No doubt Bobby will dust himself down after this setback and reassume his role for The Tablet soon enough. That said, I suppose even among Vatican circles who didn't have too much time for Benedict XVI, Bobby's Vaticanista reputation might have something of the 'leprous courtier' about it after this.

Too bad. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy...All this and a day off Lent too. Isn't the Mother of God good to us! May God and Our Lady protect and defend both Pope Francis and the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Well done to Damian Thompson for spotting what certainly appears to be Mr Micken's repulsive death-wish upon Benedict XVI. He's probably not alone in his desire, but even Vaticanistas, I am sure, appreciate discretion. Perhaps in his time of 'prayerful reflection', Mr Mickens would do well to consider his own mortality, as well as that of no longer reigning Popes...

At times I've been bemused, confused and critical of Pope Francis, but I must say I don't wish death on even my worst enemy - and that person obviously isn't the Pope of Rome or his predecessor because, you know...I'm a Catholic! 

You can quote me on that!


Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Dear Papa Emeritus Benedict. Lord only knows what the 'deal' on the table was to shuffle along his resignation.

proper catechism will tell you that wrath or ire is a sub-sin of thou shalt not kill (although it really should be translated 'murder'.)

Judith was applauded for taking the head of Holofernes of whom she said, 'For the industry of thy mind is spoken of among all nations, and it is told through the whole world.'

My rosary is getting heavy with prayer for the pope. I sometimes wonder if would just be better to pray for the faithful to have more faith and forget about those who seem set in their ways.

BJC said...


I think you start a Little Book of Liberal Insults. I'll start you off:

- "medieval"
- "rigid"
- "intolerant"

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...
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Lepanto said...

When JPII was shot, it was reported that a well known Jesuit (what else) who was 'in his cups', shouted in a crowded restaurant, 'There was only one thing wrong with that bloody Turk, he couldn't shoot straight'! That is what is behind all this 'dialogue' BS - visceral hatred of the truth and those who have ever dared to speak it.

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