Do Watch Bishop Egan's Lenten Message

With apologies to Mick Hucknell.

Mea culpa!


viterbo said…
A good message. Thanks for posting. I find that 'charity' when it comes to Truth, has to dig in and stick with the resistance to Truth - obviously not in a way so repugnant that no one would stick around, but people don't want to know the Truth because with Truth comes responsibility and most seem to rather loathe that. But, nonetheless, we are built for Truth.

anther important post:

although Harvesting the Fruit has suspended comments because someone started, uncharitably, using peoples pseudonyms to so say rather satanic things. I guess is all part of the business.
Nicolas Bellord said…
But then next door here in A&B we do not do mortal sin or indeed bother ourselves with those tiresome shopping lists of sins like the deadly sins.
Anonymous said…
So your friend was pulling your leg??!!
The Bones said…
No, he wasn't but I thought it best not to gossip!