Sunday, 28 July 2013

Tutu Concerns Over Homophobic Heaven

Calm down, Desmond, God fears nobody
"I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place. I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this." ~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Okay, Desmond, well thankfully God is not homophobic nor are any of the Saints. God detests and loathes sin - every kind of sin under the sun, but God loves sinners. The sin of Sodom remains a sin crying out to Heaven for vengeance despite the abyss of mercy that flows from the Heart of Jesus for sinners. God loves all sinners and aside from Our Lady Immaculate, only sinners can become Saints! The Lord said, "I did not come for the healthy, but for the sick."

If you cannot deal with the Catholic position on homosexuality (Heaven's position on homosexuality) and worry that you still wouldn't fit in in Heaven because of your views on this subject are so widely divorced that of the Almighty, then remember 'the other place' is no better. There, in Hell, they hate God and everybody, including themselves no matter what their sexual orientation is or rather was. There is no sin on Earth that cannot be forgiven aside from final impenitence, but Desmond, in Heaven there is no stain of sin, disorder, or concupiscence at all.

I think, dear readers, this is what happens to those who do not believe in Purgatory.


Nicolas Bellord said...

Knowing very little about the drugs scene I am very grateful to you for your thoughts - they should be reproduced in a national newspaper.

The thought that does occur is that we seem to live in a country where the only restraint that anyone takes any notice of is the law and obviously there are many who do not even do that. Any idea that there is something called sin or vice or virtues seems totally to have been forgotten. When did one last hear a sermon which actually told somebody that something is wrong, sinful and leads one to hell or at the very least a painful time in purgatory? Children seem to be told just to be themselves - at least that seemed to be the message that was given to the children in the presence of BXVI when he visited them in Twickenham. Being oneself always suggests to me doing whatever the devil urges one to do!

Martina Katholik said...

Arch”bishop” Tutu worships the “human rights-God” of the UN - you know beeing LGTB(TIQQ2SAP)* is a human right, don´t you? - and this is not the first time. He made those remarks at the launch of this global pubic LGTB education campaign:
26 July 2013 At a press event in Cape Town, South Africa, UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay, together with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and South African Constitutional Court Justice Edwin Cameron, launched Free & Equal, an unprecedented global public education campaign to promote greater respect for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people everywhere.

UN honours Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu for his contribution to human rights

*translation here:

Martina Katholik said...

By the way: The Doctor of the church St. Alphonus de Liguori does not think that God loves sinners. God waits patiently for the sinner to repent, but he loves only repentant sinners not unrepentant sinners:
On the Malice of Mortal Sin
On the Particular Judgment
On the Number of Sins Beyond Which
God Pardons no more

Excerpt from: Delusion of sinners

(...) But God is Merciful. Behold another Common Delusion, by which the Devil encourages Sinners to Persevere-in a Life-of Sin! A Certain Author has said that more Souls have been Sent-to Hell by the Mercy of God, than by His Justice. This is Indeed the Case; for Men are Induced-by the Deceits of the Devil to Persevere-in Sin, through Confidence-in God's Mercy; and thus they are Lost. God is Merciful. Who denies it? But Great is His Mercy, how many does He every Day, Send-to Hell? God is Merciful, but He is also Just, and is therefore Obliged to Punish those who Offend Him. "And His Mercy" says the Blessed Mother, "is from Generation unto Generations, to them that Fear Him" - Luke 1:50. But with regard to those who Abuse His Mercy, and Despise Him, He exercises Justice. The Lord Pardons Sins; but He cannot Pardon the Determination-to Commit Sin. Saint Augustine says that he who Sins with the Intent-of Repenting after his Sin, is not a Penitent but a Scoffer. "Irrisor est non poenitens". But the Apostle tells us that God will not be Mocked. "Be not Deceived, God is not Mocked" - Galatians 6:7. It would be a Mockery of God, to Insult Him as-Often and as-Much as you Pleased, and Afterwards to Expect Eternal (∞) Glory.

But, you say, as God has shown me so many Mercies hitherto, I Hope He will continue to do so for the Future. Behold another Delusion! Then, because God, has not as yet Chastised your Sins, He will never Punish them. On the Contrary, the Greater have been His Mercies, the more you should Tremble, lest if you Offend Him again, He should Pardon you no more, and should take Vengeance on your Sins. Behold the Advice-of the Holy Ghost: "Say not: I have Sinned, and what Harm hath Befallen me? For the Most High is a Patient Rewarder" - Ecclesiasticus 5:4. Do not say: I have Sinned and no Chastisement has Fallen upon me. God 'Bears' for a Time, but not Forever (∞). He Waits for a Certain Time; but, when that Time arrives, He then Chastises the Sinner, for All his Iniquities; and the Longer He has Waited-for Repentance , the more Severe the Chastisement. "Quos diutius expectat", says Saint Gregory, "durius damnat". Then my Brother, since you Know that you have Frequently Offended God, and that He has not sent you to Hell, you should Exclaim: "The Mercies of the Lord, that we are not Consumed". Lord, I thank You for not having Sent me to Hell, which I have so-often Deserved. And therefore, you ought to give yourself Entirely-to God, at least through Gratitude, and should Consider that for Less Sins than you have Committed, many are now in the Pit of Fire, without the Smallest Hope of being ever Released-from it. The Patience of God in Bearing-with you, should Teach you not to Despise Him still more, but to Love and Serve Him with Great Fervor, and to Atone-by Penitential Austerities, and by other Holy Works, for the Insults you have Offered-to Him. You know that He has shown Mercies to you, which He has not shown to others. "He hath not done in Like Manner, to every Nation" - Psalm 147:20. Hence you should Tremble, lest if you Commit a Single (1) additional Mortal Sin, God should Abandon you and Cast you into Hell.

The Bones said...


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