Friday, 19 July 2013

Nice Touch

From Rome Reports...

'As he gets ready for his first international trip to Brazil, Pope Francis decided to visit Benedict XVI, just days before the start of World Youth Day.

Pope Francis, asked Benedict XVI for his prayers, as he gets ready to fly to Latin America. The last time the Pope met with his predecessor was back on July 5th, when together, they welcomed a new statue of St. Michael Archangel at the Vatican Gardens.

This time around, Pope Francis decided to visit Benedict XVI to ask for his prayers, as he prepares for his trip to Brazil. During their meeting, they first prayed together in the chapel and afterward they talked for about 30 minutes. The Pope gave Ratzinger, the official World Youth Day booklet as well as the event's official medal. It's also believed that Benedict XVI will follow some of the events, directly at the Vatican, as they are broadcast.'

God bless our Holy Father and keep His Holiness safe in Brazil.

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Tereze said...

The source is confidential — a prominent figure in Rome:
“There was an agreement when card. Ratzinger was elected Pope, as there was a stalemate: 70 to 40.
Bergoglio had enough votes to block the election of card Ratzinger. So a group of about 12 mainly German and US cardinals changed their vote in favour in exchange for an illicit pact: that card. Ratzinger wouldn’t last more than a given period and thereafter, if he had not died before, he would have had to step down and let card Bergoglio become Pope. Once Pope however Benedict tried to have it his own way, see for instance the Motu Proprio and his remarks on Fatima being a reference not to past events but to future ones. From thereon he was besieged and shelled from all sides: the various gay and paedophilic scandals and the abuses in the Vatican finances with hints that the Vatican bank, the IOR, would be a tool of money laundering, mafia connections and you name it.
“Pope Benedict was therefore reminded of the (illicit) pact and threatened of worse to come.
He felt therefore compelled to resign. This is one of the reason why I consider illegitimate the election of Father Bergoglio.”
These mainly American and German cardinals were of the same group that coerced the newly elected pope (Cardinal Angelo Scola) to resign as he was making his way to the balcony of St. Peter’s, after he had been elected Pope Benedict ‘s successor. Bergoglio’s election is null & void — canonically irregular.

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