Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sustainable Development...

Nasty piece of work: Thomas Malthus
Why don't they just call it eugenics?

I've done my exam invigilating for the day. I couldn't help noticing that the 'World Development Studies' exam is, in the year 2011, citing Thomas Malthus as a respectable academic on population studies, even though he was totally discredited after his population theories concerning population and food never came true.

Anyone would think we're just priming A-Level students to go on to become 'Sustainable Development' academics or workers in the field, who think Malthus was right, contraception and abortion is great because there are 'too many people' in the World and putting them into the Marxist factory that constitutes the modern day University.

Secondly, the history exam. No mention of St Thomas More whatsoever on the Henry VIII section. These exams all take place at the same time on the same day, so I'm not giving away any secrets.

State schools are just propaganda machines...and they say Catholic Faith schools are about indoctrination!


Phil said...

Careful Bones! You want to keep the job.
Interesting to hear about the exam content.

epsilon said...

Welcome to the real world of what education is about - brainwashing by fair means or foul, by all means at all times.

Now if it was educating the young people of this country was what the 'educational establishment' were about, every kid in the country would be absorbing the several hours footage of the Queen's visit to Ireland on Radio Telefís Éireann. Following on from that they could discuss and debate every subject under the sun:

politics - royalty, nationalism, colonialism, democratic structures, geography, history, language, sports, economy, maths, tourism, cookery, music, religion, art, culture - how it is impacted upon by emigration / immigration, etc. etc. and most especially - reconcilliation.

This would not be indictrination because it would show you can have many different viewpoints, some even 'extremist', and still learn how to get on and even move forward and develop a vibrant society.

Anonymous said...

Surely Henry Tudor isn't the same as Henry VIII, which was who St. Thomas More interacted with?

Although schools are indoctrination centers, I agree.

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