A Personal Record

192 recommends! I know my internet-driven life is a little on the sad side, but 192 recommends is a personal record. Read Peter Oborne's very good article on the Obama visit to the UK. A good account of the President's courting of the Irish has been given by William Oddie of The Catholic Herald, and today a scathing post on the two world leaders' blithe indifference to the persecution of Christians worldwide, by Christina Odone of The Telegraph.

Aside from The Catholic Herald, which has a continuously high standard of comment, what Belloc described as the "Official Press" are not very good at looking at the figure of President Obama objectively and without excessive fawning. Every now and then, though, you find a diamond in the rough. Clearly, I'm not the only one who believes the media's reporting of the Obama visit has been absurdly sycophantic. Time for another Carly Simon song, I think. Gosh. They don't make them like this anymore! I'd like to say that this song is about Obama, but right now I think its about me. Oh, but she says if I think its about me then its just my vanity. Oh, nevermind, great Carly Simon song, nonetheless. Anyway, I think she meant this song to unsettle and unnerve whoever she wrote it about. It always unsettles me. Wait! 197 recommends! Get in! I'm giving up exam invigilating to become a full-time sage!


John said…
You deserved that. Short, pithy and to the point.

Thanks for not binning my Carole King comment.
I thought it might have gone the way of banned "liberals" stuff because I didn't trash VATII.

I'm more of a lib-trad pact person, very peace-loving!
georgem said…
Congratulations. But (there's always a but) maybe you can try to get fellow bloggers' names right??
Ben Trovato said…
I hate to tell you, but You're so Vain is about Warren Beatty. Dream on...

What bloggers? Where?
georgem said…
And I believe the odd one is Cristina (without the h)?
A trifle, really, Lawrence.

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