Friday, 20 May 2011


I am currently awaiting feedback from the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma over whether we can change the name of the Guild blog, as many in the group are unsure of it. I don't mind the title too much as it is but I think it is a bit too formal for what really amounts to an online magazine into which various bloggers can contribute.

Thinking about what we could call it, well, last week, I read a fascinating account in a magazine about the ladybird. Now, Fr Tim Finnigan has posted something about it on his blog because the Transalpine Redemptorists have a discovered new friend in the ladybird.

The ladybird is remarkable because of its name, which is attributed to Our Blessed Lady.

In 1991, Dr A. W. Exell published his book History of the Ladybird, in which he cites 329 common names for the ladybird over 80 of which refer to the Virgin Mary and 50 of which are dedicated to God. The red colour of the wings is said to represent the clock of the Virgin and the seven black spots stand for her seven joys and seven sorrows.

The legend attributed to the ladybird is that in Europe, during the Middle Ages, swarms of insects were destroying the crops. The farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help. Soon thereafter the Ladybugs came, devouring the plant-destroying pests and saving the crops! The farmers called these beautiful insects "The Beetles of Our Lady", and - over time - they eventually became popularly known as "Lady Beetles" and then Ladybirds or 'Ladybugs' in the US.

We are in a time in the Church when there are many enemies both inside and outside of the Church who wish to undermine the teaching of the Church and the Holy Father. Also, we have a secular worldview of moral relativism to combat with the aphids of abortion and the corruption of the young in our schools. Bloggers are like ladybirds on the front line, eating away at little aphids who seek to 'destroy the crops' of the Church.

I think its a good title and theme for the guild's blog and I hope I get 'clearance' to change the name. How exciting!


georgem said...

Oh, please don't change the name. If people have never heard of the patron, they can look him up and read about him. He led a life of heroic virtue.
Surely the purpose of the new blog is to take people out of their comfort zone, not confirm them in it.
Don't be swayed by nit-picking. You people are organising the blog. Well, organise it and stick to first instincts, which are usually pretty reliable.
You'll never please all the people all of the time.
By the way, I hope that is not a harlequin ladybird pictured, a voracious interloper which is putting our traditionals in danger by out-eating them - and sometimes eating them.

Dominic said...

I think it's a thoroughly *excellent* idea - for all the reasons you outline. I'm all in favour of the origin of the word "ladybird" getting more widely known in England..... I think I only realised it after learning its name in other languages I was learning.

In more worldy terms, the image of the ladybird is also used as a symbol of love in (some parts of) Italy, France, Switzerland, and I dare say elsewhere too.

Just please be sure, if you do make this change, to have a "why is this blog called this..." page linked to from the front page so that all will be clear to the mystified and/ or curious!

Ben said...

Is this a wind up?

For goodness sake relax!
You'll make the blog a laughing stock!

The Bones said...

Gosh...I didn't think it would provoke such a reaction!

Phil et al. said...

Are you crazy?
Why aren't you at work keeping out of trouble?
You cannot be serious!
Stick to the blogging satirical genre on your own blog, don't involve the Guild.
It's a distinct literary form we accept that but it is impossible to know if you are genuine with this post.
Cut it out or lose whatever readership you still have.

Tim said...

I do like ladybirds - I've even worked them into a piece myself (cue shameless self-promotion)
but it sounds a bit girly as a name for your guild blog thingy - more suitable for the ACWB no?

pelerin said...

I agree with georgem.

The Bones said...

What about this one...

Holy Hos d'oeuvres.

Sounds like Holy Orders.

The Bones said...

Barquing Mad?

Dominic said...

Blimey I wasn't expecting that. If it sounds too girly just use a direct, literal translation of the Russian word for ladybird - "Bozhya korovka" - "God's little cow" (NB also has a druggy slang meaning).

I still think it's a brilliant idea - people will come round to it, I'm sure....

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