Friday, 27 May 2011

In Praise of Carole King and the Traditional Latin Mass

The prophetic voice of Carly Simon. Was she singing about the fallout of the 'spirit of Vatican II' and the loss of the Latin Mass? It's 'Coming Around Again!' much to the chagrin of many and the great joy of a great number.


John said...

I was raised on Carole King. I saw Dylan live, boogied at the Cavern, raved about Elkie Brooks.
As a kid I watched Pope Pius XII's funeral in Venice and met Cardinal Basil Hume.
I was there before Vatican II.

You wouldn't want to go back, trust me.
Please don't romantisise the past.
Celebrate the living, changing Church and dwell on the positive.
There is so much more to Christ than the TLM.

me said...

'It's 'Coming Around Again!' much to the chagrin of many and the great joy of a great number.'

Don't forget the 'don't knows' who's only option, it would appear, is to be cast into one of two camps. This does not allow for the soft promptings of the Holy Spirit leading people to investigate gently, the traditional side of Catholicism. They find themselves in a war, not of their making and not of God's either.

I only ask the Holy Spirit to lead me now, as I am put off by blogs that focus on a 'them and us' type of rant.

Perhaps people might change and share how their faith has grown personally, how the Latin Mass has altered them, positively, rather than using their experiences to highlight other's spiritual deficit's.

Just my fourpenneth worth. I am looking into getting a mantilla, by the way!! Know of any reasonable outlets selling them?

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