Friday, 27 May 2011

The Statistics Don't Lie, but the Liberals Do

He may not appear to have the most magnetic personality in the World, but Cardinal Raymund Burke is a tower of strength for the Catholic Church in the US, a Cardinal who preaches and indeed teaches the Gospel 'in season and out of season'. I discovered this Vortex episode, today, covering Cardinal Burke's presence at a pro-life vigil outside the largest Planned Parenthood abortuary in the United States. Thank God for this brave and courageous Cardinal willing to stand up and defend human life. It is better than that, though, because Cardinal Burke is coming to London to speak at Westminster Methodist Central Hall. He comes here, to the UK, with a statistic which is really just as horrifying as our abortion statistics.

"Since the Council, the Body of Christ in England and Wales has been haemorrhaging away at the rate of approximately 30,000 souls a year." 

Wow! A Cardinal who believes that we have immortal souls!  Even better than that, a Cardinal who cares for souls! Liberals tend not see the rate of lapsation within the Church in quite the same light, of course, seeing things more in terms of there being less Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, musicians and liturgical entertainers and less hand-clappers than there were last year. It is not a total co-incidence, therefore, that the title of His Excellency Raymond Cardinal Burke's talk will be 'The Restoration of Church Discipline and the New Evangelisation'.

To obtain your golden ticket, send a S.A.E enclosing your cheque to Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, 4 Fife Way, Great Bookham, Surrey, KT23 3PH. Tickets are £20 adults, £10 young people in full-time education and £5 for priests and religious. Are our priests really that hard up!? That, in itself, is a scandal, surely. Send another £20 to your priest on top!

Cardinal Burke is, I am sure, keenly aware, that only the Lord Jesus Christ, His Blessed Mother and His Church can save this country from self-destruction and the destruction of nascent life and that only a Church that cherishes the sacred can evangelise with effectiveness, courage and love.

Of course, we indeed have our own abortion mills in the United Kingdom. We have one, indeed, in Brighton, where the BPAS (British Pregnancy 'Advice' Service) churn out Heaven alone knows how many little corpses week in, week out. And, unfortunately, we also have to hand the latest statistics of abortions in the UK.

The kind folk at Abort 67 furnished me with the latest stats recently. The statistics have generated comment from Ed West and Christina Odone and both have commented well on The Guardian's sudden explosion of anaphylactic rage that the Government should have the outrageous temerity to invite a pro-life charity, Life, to consult it on the issue of abortion, sex education and teenage pregnancy. I think The Guardian would much prefer the Government to consult only with abortionists because that is more fair and, what's the word? Oh, that's right, more liberal, because if there is one thing we know about liberals, it is that they are all ears for listening to opposing views. Not that I'm much better. I banned liberals from my blog ages ago. Oh, you wouldn't believe the kind of abuse they gave me. It would shock you, it really would, but not as much as this should.

  • In total, there were 196,109 abortions notified as taking place in England and Wales in 2010.
  • 34% of women had one or more previous abortions with Black or Black British having the highest repeat abortions at 48%
  • The abortion rate was highest at 33 per 1,000 for women aged 19 and 20.
  • 96% of abortions were funded by the NHS.
  • 91% of abortions were carried out at under 13 weeks gestation.
  • 98% were under Category C (which is basically for social reasons)
  • 2,290 abortions (1%) were carried out under ground E (risk that the child would be born handicapped)

I shall not add any slant on these statistics. The Catholic Church in England and Wales is haemorrhaeging 30,000 souls a year since the Second Vatican Council, which occurred at a time when the Abortion Act (1967) was passing or passed. The United Kingdom is haemorrhaeging 196,109 unborn children a year. The statistics don't lie, but the liberals do.

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