Pope Benedict XVI & God's Revolution

Watching this video, one detects that by the time The Beatles recorded the White Album, they all hated each other. Even when they're playing live to an audience it looks like they're pretending to smile.

Tomorrow I am off to Oxford's Newman Society to talk to people who, I think, are more juventutem-ful than me. I'll be talking about Pope Benedict XVI and His Holiness's World Youth Day talks in Cologne in 2005 in which he discussed something he described as 'God's Revolution'. I'll be linking that in with the renewal of the liturgy which His Holiness has encouraged by the release of Summorum Pontificum, the warm welcome to traditional Anglicans proclaimed by the Ordinariate and the new translation of the Mass that has 'Ruff'led a few collars.

I'm not exactly used to speaking in front of people who I've never met before, some prayers for courage would be most welcome. I don't know how many will be going to the talk, but I've nearly completed the full talk (I do hope to be speaking from notes, of course) which will be available to those who would like a copy. I've laid it out on desk top publishing and it looks like a nice, short magazine. I'll stick up some jpegs when its done.

I suppose I could have called this post "Catholic Voices: Shameless Self-Promotion"! God bless readers. I'd better crack on with it!


pelerin said…
All the very best for tomorrow Laurence. Had you thought of giving the same talk in Brighton? (and what on earth are jpegs?!)
Jane said…
All the best L. Certainly you have my prayers, particularly for courage, which will I'm certain be vouchsafed.

God speed,


Pictures of the pages of the little mag.
Hey = you'll be terrific - and you know why? Because you know it inside out and you believe it - and nothing can stop you...
Truth's the Person of Christ - It doesn't merely demand respect - it's Love calling to be Loved - with humility you can relate the wonder of it all - and with gentleness - the only thing that's invincibly strong - the Holy Spirit can work miracles through you - let Him do the work!
Alice said…
What happened about the job?
I thought you started this week?
Made a mistake, its the week after.
Tim said…
Break a leg.

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