I don't have the statistics, but I'd be willing to wager that 99.9% of all people who support 'gay marriage' were raised by a man and a woman, that is, a mother and a father.

Perhaps not all had a privileged unbringing (certainly not as privileged as David Cameron's) and perhaps not all have been so privileged to have been raised by a mother and a father, through death or absence, but it is by this human relationship that their being came about.

Perhaps if all these 'equality' fanatics had actually been raised in homosexual relationships or lesbian relationships, the strength of feeling among trendy types for 'gay marriage' would be a little less, but hey, I guess under Dave's plan we'll just have to leave it a generation or two to see how the plan works out in the long run.

All of these people were raised by mothers and fathers
It is said that David Cameron and his friends in the Bullingdon Club and, presumably, also, George Osborne and his friends would smash up bars and restaurants and then pay the repair bill later on. That was their idea of a good night out, I guess. Who's going to settle the bill once this social experiment yields forth its results?

 I suppose that even though Dave is 'embarrassed' about his Bullingdon Club days (well, boys will be boys!) he hasn't learned that smashing up stuff comes at a price. Perhaps there is no difference in George and Dave's minds between smashing up a bar or a restaurant in Oxford and smashing up Churches, marriage, family and society.

It strikes me that that all our political trendy types were born into great privilege - in stable, loving households, raised by a mother and father. They never wanted for anything. Being a 'hell-raiser' in the Bullingdon Club is, I suppose, also a sign of great privilege. It's a privilege and a tradition that Dave, George, and presumably Boris, too, desire to continue while they're in positions of political power long after their time at Oxford. They are used to 'high society' where stuff gets smashed up and the bill gets paid at the end of the night or the following morning. They don't comprehend that some things are worth treasuring - like stable, loving homes for children with mothers and fathers.

All of these people were raised by mothers and fathers
'Same-sex marriage' makes a mockery of marriage. It's the kind of innovation that could put heterosexual people off the idea of marriage because getting married is suddenly what homosexuals do. Not everyone wants to do the same things that homosexuals do. Putting what homosexuals do in homosexual relationships into the same league as what heterosexuals do in heterosexual relationships is terribly dishonest.

They are not the same thing. Patently. Therefore, they should not be treated as equal or placed in the same league. Even your most flamboyant homosexual who has had sexual encounters with women before settling on men will tell you that a man making love to a woman is doing something very different to a man who is having sex with a man. There is, despite the development of artificial contraceptives, a very real possibility - some would see it as a 'risk' - of getting a woman pregnant and creating new life.

Heterosexual relationships and homosexual relationships are not the same thing, so to say these relationships should be treated as the same, with the same marital union being 'consummated' is a twisted joke. That some choose one type of relationship over another is proof that they are not the same relationship - therefore an appeal that they should be treated as 'equal' or 'the same' should be rejected by any Government with common sense. For David Cameron, the Prime Minister, to pretend these are the same things may go down well with trendy liberals, but it is reckless and bad governance to put this liberal social myth down on statute. Maybe, deep down, these toffs would rather we all had sex with anyone but persons of the opposite gender. After all, we don't really want the common folk breeding, do we? Too many of them as it is, I guess.


Patricius said…
You suggest "that 99.9% of all people who support 'gay marriage' were raised by... a mother and a father".

That may be true but to what extent is it true of the members of the Bullingdon Club shown in the photographs? Were they not dispatched early in life to institutions to which we in Britain refer euphemistically as "public schools"? Might not this explain disordered affections?
Lynda said…
Everyone suffers in a society that no longer recognises the natural, sacred and inviolable institution of marriage, upon which the rearing of children, family and nation is dependent. I recommend Out from Under, The Impact of Homosexual Parenting, by Dawn Stefanowicz. The author shows the terrible damage done to innocent children. However, I think hers was far from the worst type of scenario, where two men or two women in a perverse sexual relationship take a child and pretend that they are the child's parents - which is happening more and more as surrogacy and adoption by such persons is being legalised in more and more places. In Dawn's case, she lived with her natural mother and father, but then at some point her father decided to engage in homosexual relationships. So, she had an understanding of what marriage, etc., was before being exposed to the unnatural activities of her father.
The Bones said…

Interesting thought.

Have you noticed that in the first bullingdon club photo, a couple of people have been photoshopped out of the picture?
blondpidge said…
My friend's brother has been deliberately photoshopped out of the photo. I'm not going to say why on a public forum, but he was from a very decent and well-respected family, one of the oldest and best know recusants in the country.

We need to beware of jumping to conclusions, at least one of those pictured went to Worth school and blamed the Benedictine community for subsequent difficulties with mental health which resulted in his suicide.

I don't think that the privilege or Bullingdon Club background is significant other than its contributed to the metro-lib politics of most major politicians.