Saturday, 15 December 2012

Cameron's Biology Class Work Surfaces

School biology work by a young David Cameron has surfaced which suggests that, even at a tender age, the boy who would go on to become Prime Minister had an under-developed understanding of the institution of marriage that caused teachers concern. The revelation of his Eton biology work, set to rock the campaign for 'same-sex marriage', has raised eyebrows in Westminster.

While the Prime Minister was unavailable for comment, the Office of the Prime Minister did release a short statement: 'While the Prime Minister is embarrassed at the revelation of this school work, in particular his bad spelling, he hopes that, by now, his Eton tutor will have got with the programme. Ideas he pioneered in his early youth will soon be made British law. This has to be encouraging for Britain.'


Chris Hall said...

Love it!

Sadly there could be some truth in it thoughg.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lawrence! Not when I am on my second cup of coffee. You now owe me a computer screen!

God bless

A Reluctant Sinner said...

LOL! (In the non-Cameronian sense.)

Lynda said...

Your incisiveness makes for great wit. You should be paid to write jokes in newspapers. Of course, you'd have to adopt a certain stupid kind of ideology to be used by the typical mainstream paper. But Catholic papers could do with a slot for this kind of very instructive satirical commentary.

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