Friday, 28 December 2012

We Don't Need UKIP

We need Solidarity.

Why? Because we're fighting an atheistic communist Government. Not merely our own but a European one and then a global one.

Form cells, meeting groups - across the country.

Get all the Catholics you know, especially the Polish ones, those who still have memory of fighting communism as well as people of good will and start meetings with the express agenda of bringing down the Government and restoring democracy, by peaceful means and by activism and prayer.

There is a massive polish community in this country. We need them to understand that what is going on here is the extension of an evil empire we thought was vanquished, not the liberation of 'gays' and 'lesbians'.

Educate everyone you meet about the reality of what is going on here as much as you can.

Form under the banner of the Cross and of Our Lady.

A blanket of communism is falling across the whole world. The destruction of the definition of marriage is the latest, and will not be the last example of this. After 'same-sex marriage' it will get worse, not better.

Pray and fight under the mantle of Our Lady. Take as intercessors those who have died at the hands of totalitarian regimes in the last century. They haven't been raised to the altar to be just admired.

God and Our Lady will complete what we begin.


Left-footer said...

Thanks. I had read the excellent article you link to, and lost it a long time ago.
I seem to remember reading, in the 1960s, references to Marcuse and his vision of "marxism in a mini-skirt".

Have tweeted and face-booked your post. Are you on either of those sites?

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Yes this was foretold at Fatima, but remember Our Blessed Lady's words ...'in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph'

Anonymous said...

Laurence, I don't mind my comment is not displayed. I read you all the time. Keep at this campaign- Don't need UKIP- but need... Absolutely. You are so right. But I am feeling so discouraged. I'll try to get my pep up. You are a great help. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Laurence, I commented as Anonymous but think I didn't say why. I'm not in the loop;don't have an account. I guess that's what I need. Take care. God bless.

Josh said...

I would hardly agree with your blanket of communism statement. Surely the EU us about unfettered capitalism. Anyway, do you not see a certain paradox in liaising with UK based Poles whose right of residence would be taken from them if the EU collapsed? I can hardly see that a Polish migrant in the uk is going to spend time fighting the treaty union that allowed them to work here in the first place

VixPervenit said...

Yes you do. Read Luke 9:50 instead of 11:23.

Time's up. Marriage has gone; we're only months away from the first ECHR case to disenfranchise the Church. Give it 30 years and you might have 20,000 in your Catholic party.

Think of UKIP as the scourge of Westminster, in the way that God used Assyria to chastize the Israelites.

Dorotheus said...

Why is there a massive Polish community in the UK? Because Poles (and so many others) come here to get the benefits of Western capitalist consumerism and democratic freedoms, which you also enjoy. They are hardly likely to join your anti-democratic crusade. As a Catholic I see from articles like this why England so long suspected the Catholic Church as its enemy. The more you see Reds under the bed the more likely you are to turn to right-wing totalitarianism as a defence against so-called communism, as Catholics have so often done, e.g. in Franco's Spain. If you seriously think Britain is falling prey to "communism" you should try going and living in North Korea - then you would really know what it's like. The Catholic Church has already lost a huge amount of respect through the abuse scandal. If it ever wants to be respected in the UK again it needs to grow up and stop expecting a modern multi-faith democracy will grant it any special privileges. Authority now has to be earned and that can only be by engaging in society, recognising what is good in it, by open dialogue and debate - not by sulking and refusing to play like a spoilt child unable to get its own way.

umblepie said...

Thanks for this excellent post. I connected to the Solidarity link and am amazed at the information therein on the Frankfurt School. This should be compulsory reading for everyone, especially parents and educators.

The Bones said...


When freedom of speech and the press goes, that is communism.

Both are on the way out. You'd have to be blind not to see that.


Left-footer said...

Dorotheus - I have lived in Poland for over 7 years, and know a large number of Poles who work, or have worked, in England.

Those I know are attracted to the UK because of the wages/salaries there. If they can earn Ł10 an hour in the UK, that equates to about Ł50 buying power in Poland, and as much as posible is sent home to families.
The Poles and the Polish economy suffered greatly under Partition until 1918, horribly under the Germans from 1939-1945, and to a lesser, but still very serious, extent under soviet-imposed communism from 1944-1989. Poland is not a rich country.

Without Polish pilots' (Squadron 303) great support in the Battle of Britain, the Germans might well have occupied the UK. Perhaps the UK owes its WW2 'First Ally" something after the betrayal at Yalta?

Poland is, of course, a fully democratic country.

Josh said...

There are currently just under 600,000 Polish passport holders living in the UK. In 2003, the year prior to Poland's accession to the EU, there were around 50,000. A twelve-fold increase in just under a decade which means Poles now account for around 1% of the total population and around 4-5% of the working population. I don't care how much Vaclav the plumber doesn't like gays, he's probably not going to go back to Gdansk and work for half the salary over it. I mean, if he hated gays so much, why did he move to a more liberal society, one with a proud tradition of civil liberties and libertarian ethics? If he wanted to join a Catholic agitation movement, why would he leave a Catholic country and move to the one country on earth that has historically blown a raspberry at the pope? Henry the VIII and all that, remember boy?

Anonymous said...

...and still, we DO need UKIP too.

On a by-note, I lately came across Bella V. Dodd and her book School of Darkness. It is an insider's account of how the Communist Party of the USA used genuine activists - especially through labour union infiltration, the teachers union in particular - towards a twisted vision of destroying the US from within and subjugating it to world governance.

This elitist, Marxist, collectivist vision is still on course, but instead of the CPUSA we've now got Obama and the rest of the minion politicians pushing the agenda.

Andrew Rex said...

Lozza said... When freedom of speech and the press goes, that is communism.

No that is Totalitarianism. Many communist regimes become totalitarian but they are different theoretical concepts. Right-wing regimes can also be totalitarian eg nazi germany etc.

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