Thursday, 6 December 2012

Beattie to Talk in Westminster Diocese

Perhaps somebody needs to notify the Archbishop of Westminster of this talk

I'd like to say this is a joke poster, but sadly it isn't. This is, I believe, a similarly-titled talk to that which was cancelled in the Diocese of Clifton. Perhaps Tina Beattie believes she is safer 'closer to home'. Think again, Tina!

Tina's brand clearly isn't absolutely toxic yet, despite the fact that a recent overseas talk has been cancelled because she is on the record dissenting from the Magisterium in her literature and more.

Perhaps someone could email this to the Papal Nuncio or something. Important, too, to notify His Grace, Archbishop Vincent Nichols at since it is highly unlikely that His Grace is aware of this.

If this lady is not suitable for a Catholic University in San Diego or in the Catholic Diocese of Clifton, then I fail to see why she would be suitable for the Diocese of the Mother Church of England and Wales.

At a time when the Archbishop of Westminster, we are assured, is fighting tooth and nail to maintain the dignity and definition of the institution of marriage, it would be sad if tacit approval and credibility was given by His Grace's Diocese to someone who recently released a statement, on the record:

 “I was one of 27 Catholic signatories to a letter published in the Times on Monday, August 13, which suggested that “it is perfectly proper for Catholics, using fully informed consciences, to support the legal extension of civil marriage to same-sex couples”. The letter did not commit any of the signatories to a position for or against same-sex civil marriage. Rather, it was putting across a reasoned argument as to why there are sound principles for Catholics in good conscience to take a number of different views on social policy issues such as same-sex civil marriage, even if these do not agree with the position stated by the hierarchy.” 

...only then to turn around and call upon the Bishops Conference of England and Wales to join her in mission of rebellion. Oh and she also compared the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to gay sex. Is this the kind of speaker the Diocese of Westminster wants?

Please pray and do what you can to ensure people who need to understand our concern over Dr Beattie are aware of this talk. As well as ensuring that the Archbishop's public reputation is not damaged by the public appearance of Dr Beattie in His Grace's Diocese it is vital that souls are spared from a messenger who often brings confusion, disharmony and discord to matters which pertain to the Faith, as evidenced by her own words.


motuproprio said...

The Parish Priest of St John Vianney is Joseph Ryan, a leading 'dissenter'.

Genty said...

Dissenters about whom ++Nichols will do precisely . . . nothing.
Ms Beattie, of course, does a lot of talking, which is okay because she condemns herself out of her own mouth as a Very Silly Woman.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Notice how the word "Catholic" has been dropped from the name of the Digby Stuart Research Centre. This is nothing less than yet another theft of a Catholic institution by dissenters and nothing is done about it.

BJC said...

Its typical of the dissenters to keep pushing the envelope. You draw a line in the sand and they step over it. You draw another line in the sand and they step over that too. All the while they smile at you and tell you they are orthodox and love holy mother church. When are people going to wake up to the fact we are dealing with shysters.

Patrick said...

The parish priest, Fr Joe Ryan, seems to be the co-ordinator of the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission - see

He is also reported to have taken part in a meeting of the "Call to Action" troublemakers. A report of their meeting in Kensington in October includes the following:
"Joe Ryan then reported on the meeting he and Pat McLoughlin had had with Archbishop Nichols. The archbishop recognised that something needs to be done, and after a fruitful conversation said he would like to observe and see how the group develops."

If this is an accurate account, the Nuncio does indeed need to be aware.

John Nolan said...

It has to be a joke. Apart from the photograph of La Beattie which must have been taken at least twenty years ago, there surely can't be an institute with 'human flourishing' in its title. However, if it is genuine, it's worth a fiver to go, as there's bound to be a question and answer session. Be sure to book under an assumed name and carry a copy of the Tablet to allay suspicion.

Pétrus said...

++Nichols is unfit for purpose

Lynda said...

As usual, the Irish seem to be over represented in the dissenting factions. There is a tendency among many Irish, particularly within the age-group late fifties to eighties, to be very immature in their faith, to refuse to become responsible for their learning, and assenting to the Faith and who who want to be in angry rebellion against authority in Faith and morals because they crave popularity, and acceptance by certain groups in society. They are a very sad lot, indeed. They ensured that most of us from our forties down, were not taught the authentic Faith, and often taught to despise the Church. The Church must purge herself of those who seek to destroy Her, and destroy many souls.

pelerin said...

I was stil wondering what on earth 'human flourishing' meant and turning to Google was amazed to find there actually was a question 'What does human flourishing mean?' I started to read the answer but it might just as well have been written in Serbo-Croat or Chinese.

I like to think I had a reasonable education albeit many years ago but this was all gobbledy gook to me and completely unintelligible.

Regarding the dissenting Irish Priests it is a sad turn of events.

Fifty years ago when English parishes often had three Priests, many churches seemed to have at least one Irish Priest. In my first parish both the parish Priest and one of the curates were Irish. I can remember being startled by their humour in the pulpit and finding myself laughing out loud during their homilies. By the time I moved house and to another parish I had another wonderful Irish parish Priest. I cannot imagine any of them being rebellious - I learnt much from them all.

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