Monday, 10 December 2012

UKIP Response to the Government's Proposal on 'Same-Sex Marriage'

Well worth a read...

Best not to admit public support for this party, though, obviously, otherwise social services could get involved.


Mike said...

Pardon me, Laurence, if I piggy-back on your latest post but I would like to draw your readers’ attention to the latest alarming development in the EU. This warning comes from the President of Family Watch International:

No matter where you live, we are urging you to help us stop the European Parliament (EP) from advancing a dangerous measure disguised as a resolution on fundamental rights. This motion will be debated Tuesday evening and voted on by all EP Members on Wednesday morning. As noted below, we have a simple, one-click method to send a quick email to 52 key leaders in the European Parliament.
The following are specific serious problems with the resolution:
• Encourages Member States to criminalize and characterize opinions against homosexuality as “hate speech” and calls for an inappropriate expansion of criminal offences to include expressions based on “homophobic or transphobic intent.”
• Promotes the legalization of same-sex marriage and abortions where not already legal. (Abortion is a competency of Member States, not European Union (EU) law, and thus not the European Parliament.
• Encourages liberalizing laws regulating comprehensive sexuality education. (Click here to see the serious problems with this kind of education.)
• Calls on Member States to protect “the freedom of those without a religion not to suffer discrimination as a result of excessive exemptions for religions from laws on equality and non-discrimination.”
Can you guess which organizations helped draft the content of the proposed resolution?
They are many of the same activist non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that recently bashed Mr. Borg’s nomination as EU Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner, falsely claiming that his personal and religious beliefs concerning the family, homosexuality, marriage and abortion did not conform to “European values.” You can read a copy of FWI’s letter to key committee chairmen on the Borg nomination here.
The NGOs that want to radicalize European values through this proposed resolution include:
The European Humanist Federation, the LGBT lobby (International Lesbian and Gay Association, or ILGA for Europe), Social Platform (an umbrella organization of activist NGOs), and International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).
Many of these NGOs advocate the same radical sexual rights agenda at the United Nations level, and we cannot allow them to advance their agenda in a large region such as the EU.
Now for the kicker: The proposed resolution also “Calls for the revision of the procedural rules of the CJEU [Court of Justice for the EU] and General Court in order to facilitate third-party interventions, by human rights NGOs in particular.”
If these rules were modified per the resolution, it would expose the independent judicial system in the EU that defines human rights to political pressure by NGOs to redefine and radically expand them.
Many of the NGOs that drafted the resolution and that would likely intervene in judicial cases receive significant funds from the European Commission, creating a serious separation of powers problem. In fact, the resolution also calls for a “permanent scoreboard on justice.”
Time is short. Many leaders of the EU are sensitive to world public opinion. We urge you to email the suggested message attached below to the 52 key leaders of the EP with just the click of your mouse. By doing so, you are sending the email pasted below.
Please take a few minutes to make your voice heard on these dangerous social policies being considered by the European Parliament. If they are adopted, they will set a dangerous precedent that other governments will be pressured to follow.

Sharon Slater

The Bones said...

Can you provide a link?

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