Thursday, 19 September 2013

Terence Weldon's Exciting New Book Launch

Not to be outdone by mystics of the Church of yesteryear, Terence Weldon is to publish his new spiritual guidance book for Catholics entitled 'The Irritation of Christ'.

Modelled on the great spiritual work by Thomas A Kempis, Weldon introduces new methods of irritating Our Lord, by acting as a thorn in the side of the Church who wishes to expose as many souls as possible to spiritually dangerous and scandalous practices.

An excerpt of the new book has been seen before publishing in which Our Lord tells the servant:

Christ: "Soul. Now you've got Bishop Kieran on board in your scandalous, dissident homosexual organisation, you are really becoming incredibly irritating. My love and patience is infinite, but you really do take the biscuit."

Soul: "Speak Lord, but your servant isn't listening. I have dedicated my entire life to irritating You and bringing my erroneous ways into Your Bride, the Church. I am hearing that You don't necessarily agree with my tactics of promoting sodomy and imperiling souls wherever I go, as I go about undermining the authority of the Magisterium while spreading a gospel of licence, but regardless and no matter what You say, my malformed conscience says otherwise and I prefer my own will."

The book is recommended reading for anyone who wishes to irritate Christ on a regular basis, or for anyone who wants to subvert the Church by convincing Bishops to go along with their efforts to homosexualise the Church and to effect in vain a change in the Church's teaching on sexuality and marriage.


Robert said...

Not more gayness, Laurence. there are more important ussues, even in Brighton!

The Bones said...

If there are more important issues, why is Terence Weldon always trying to promote it.

Lynda said...

Acceptance of perverse sexual relations destroys people, marriage, family and society. It affects everything because it is an attack on the very nature of man and our natural institutions.

Nicolas Bellord said...

The September newsletter of what was the Soho Masses Pastoral Council records the resignation of some of the committee including Terence Weldon and notes that in his case it is with immediate effect. It would be interesting to know whether somebody has said something about the teaching of the Church and he found he could not accept it.

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