Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bishop Kieran Conry Defends Fr Ray Blake

The Catholic Herald today reports that Bishop Kieran Conry has extended his public support to Fr Ray Blake of St Mary Magdalen Church.

Bishop Conry had attacted criticism in some Catholic forums for what was viewed by many as a less than robust defense of his Brighton priest on BBC South Today, in the wake of the media uproar caused by the Bill Gardner piece on one of Fr Ray Blake's blogposts, 'The Trouble With The Poor'.

Then, Bishop Conry apologised for any "offense" Fr Ray Blake may have caused in his comments. This was enough to attract concerned comments around internet forums that Fr Ray Blake had not received the full public backing of his Bishop.

Today, however, the Herald carries a report that the Bishop, having read both the reports and the blog post portrayed as grossly offensive by Mr Gardner of The Argus, believes Fr Ray Blake's blog has been misrepresented and that Fr Ray's work for the poor and homeless is worthy of our commendation and indeed admiration. The Herald report reads...

'Bishop Kieran Conry said that Fr Ray Blake “does an awful lot of good work” in supporting the poor in Arundel and Brighton, adding “it was a bit of mischief” on the part of the local newspaper that published the original story.'

It continues...

'While Bishop Conry said that the post was “slightly misguided” and “could have been phrased better”, he added: “They’ve taken a few lines in it where what Fr Ray Blake was trying to say is that the poor are very challenging… In its proper context it makes sense”.'

I have nothing further to add!

Just this...

Keep praying for the full restitution of Fr Ray Blake's public reputation and for his public vindication.

God answers prayer. 
God brings good out of evil. 
He has not forgotten those who call out to Him.
After the agony and cruel injustice of the Cross we will see the glory of the Resurrection.
The Lord is Victorious.

Today is the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary. So let us call upon her sweet and maternal intercession for priests falsely accused and publicly maligned, for all of our Bishops, for all the clergy, for journalists, and for the poor and homeless.


Roses and Jessamine said...

Thank you, Your Excellency, Bishop Conry, for defending our priest.

pelerin said...

I am pleased that our Bishop has finally defended Fr Blake. However I feel that the Bishop's term regarding the Argus article as 'a bit of mischief' is a surprising understatement when it has obviously wounded Fr Blake deeply and indeed all of us who have grown to know and respect him as an exemplary and compassionate Priest.

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