Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Dorothy Day

I think Dorothy Day always knew she would be misunderstood.

I guess that's why she started her own newspaper.

Thank you to a Facebook friend for supplying me with this gem of a quote.


Roses and Jessamine said...

I keep meaning to read more about Distributism; there are some aspects of it that sound appealing. Maybe some nice person can send me some Chesterton or Belloc for Christmas? :D

Some modern Distributists like that Irish guy, Justin Barrett, seem to veer towards the extreme right though, and in the US, it gets into Paleoconservative ground - anti-colonialism, anti-immigration, etc.

Under Distributism there would be no state welfare, no benefits, no free health care or education, no labour unions.

Dorothy Day took an absolute pacifist position, i.e. war is always wrong, which conflicts with Augustinian and Thomist concepts of a just war. There wouldn't be any Christians in the Holy Land today if it weren't for the Crusades. The Papal Zouaves gave up their lives trying to defend the Papal States in Italy. In South America, Jesuits took up arms to defend native Amerindians from Spanish and Portuguese slavery.

"Onward Christian soldiers..."

But there are many ways to fight.

Still like the idea of a newspaper.

Supertradmum said...

And if every Christian household adopted one poor person, they would no longer smell, as they could get a shower and new cloths and they would learn gratitude

Those who criticize have never been poor and of course many who make comments have those taken out of context.

The Church has become too middle class in snobbery.

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