Monday, 23 September 2013

Breaking! Pope Francis Excommunicates Heretic!

H/T Te Deus Laudamus

We should never rejoice over the excommunication of anyone, certainly not a Catholic priest, since such a severe measure is designed to bring the excommunicated to repentance and communion with the Pope and Bishops, not to consign them forever to oblivion.

The first 'head to roll' in the Franciscan pontificate is a liberal priest who advocated women priests and affirmation of the gay lifestyle and it is said to have come from the authority of His Holiness himself.

Who would have thought it? Either people (including myself) have misread Francis widely off the mark, or this Pope wakes up in the morning and just goes on to have 'one of those days'. Read all about it here. Click here for another report on the same story. Yikes! It really looks like 'dialogue' has limits after all! Also, was this a decision taken with a sense of 'collegiality', because there are some English Bishops who might want to pipe down a little and get a grip on some problematic liberal priests and laity in their Diocese.

Wow. Only six months in and the binding and loosing of the Keys has been used on a liberal. I did not see that one coming. The Tablet had better get in line pronto, but I expect we'll see an interview with the dissident next week within its pages. The MSM are not going to like this story. I'd just like to re-pledge my loyalty and obedience to Pope Francis...

Pray for the renegade priest, that he repents of his heresies and returns to communion with St Peter.  



Anonymous said...

The phrase "Everything comes to those who wait" springs to mind.

Lynda said...

Many people, most urgently, priests and bishops need to be excommunicated for the sake of the truth, the integrity of the Faith, to save their souls and many others.

Elizabeth said...

I thought this was an April Fools joke (in September). Wow, it's actually true. I wonder who handed this down. Does this kind of thing, rare as it is these days, pass before the eyes of the Pope and require his approval? Sorry, I continue to be suspicious and skeptical.

Robert said...

I take the point, but excommunication is not the way to deal with people you disagree with. Yes, I disagree with this clergyman but why make a martyr of him. It is hardly the rtruth , Lynda, of a loving God.

Jonathan said...

I think that 'Francis excommunicates schismatic' would be a more appropriate headline.
It isn't credible that Greg was excommunicated for his beliefs when an enormous number of priests openly profess the same views and are not rebuked (witness 329 priests openly backing the Call to Disobedience in Austria).
This priest set up his own church outside the rigid structure of Roman Catholic Church. That is why he was excommunicated.
Francis is creating a Communion on the lines of Anglicanism. Everyone is welcome as long as they respect Unity. Francis knows what is down the road and he doesn't want "Inclusive Catholics" to get a head start by poaching all the pro sodomy, pro abortion and pro fornication types. Francis needs those in the Catholic Church to support his new direction.

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