Friday, 24 September 2010

Tablet in Volte Face...

...or just two-faced Tablet? Let's hope they keep it up. Check out Fr Ray Blake's piece on this week's edition. The magazine has so much potential! More of this and I might even consider buying it myself one day...The magazine, that is...not the Trust.

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Catholic analyst said...

To be fair, the tablet was always positive about the upcoming papal visit. It was the 'taliban catholic' tradosphere that was constantly critical of the arrangements, and tried to use the visit as a vechile to criticise our bishops by suggesting they were purposely trying to make the visit a flop. In the end the visit was a huge success well planned and probably a model for papal visits elsewhere.

I don't hear the tradosphere admitting they were wrong or acknowledging what a good job our bishops did (despite all the logistical and political complications involved). Also the holy father never castigated our bishops as much of the tradosphere was saying he would. In fact he was very supportive of them.

Shame on you all, you bunch of hypocrites.

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