Choose Your Missiles Wisely

According to The Telegraph, Tony Blair has been pelted with shoes and eggs in Dublin, where he was today promoting his memoirs.

'The former prime minister was heckled and jeered by anti-war protesters at his first book signing in the city’s O’Connell Street.'

Why shoes and eggs? The guys loaded! He's got enough money to buy shoes and eggs!

What he needs if the Penny Catechism. Come on Dubliners! Think about it! For a man whose views are so add odds with Catholic Teaching, let's face it, the Penny Catechism is priceless.


Left-Footer said…
Is the Penny Catechism as it was 30 years ago, or has it been 'nuanced'?

As for Mr Blair, maybe something heavier - the Koran, perhaps. After all, didn't he claim to read it daily?

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