Monday, 6 September 2010

Morrissey in Absurd Attack on Chinese...

The singer has described Chinese as a 'sub-species'.
...not a takeaway, though we can all say we've had a dodgy one in our time, but the Chinese people, labelling them as a "sub-species".

Why? Because they are nasty to animals, of course! I cannot think of a more absurd reason to attack the Chinese, for the life of me. What about the lack of religious freedom? What about the One Child Policy that leads to enforced abortions, sterilisation of women and routine infanticide! What about the State's regulation of family life? No, not important, clearly!

Good grief! The Chinese are not a "sub-species", no human group is that and as nasty as cruelty to animals is, it is not really that that robs us of our humanity - its what we do to the most vulnerable and smallest, most defenseless humans that can rob us of that and degrade us. It's always, always, worth recalling that Hitler loved animals! Morrissey! Get a grip!


Left-footer said...

What a horribly crazy thing Morrissey (whoever he may be) said.

Can we now look forward to a prosecution for "hate speech"?

I like your comment about Hitler. My primary school headmaster was a sadistic child-hater and beater and a devout cat-lover.

stopbeingstupid said...

What a racist jerk!

LF said...

So Morissey should have labelled the Chinese a sub-species because of their one-child polcies and repression of religious freedom rather than their treatment of animals, is that right?

The Bones said...

No, he shouldn't call Chinese a 'sub-species' because that is the language of eugenics. Nor should any assault of the Chinese policy be levelled necessarily at the Chinese.

It is the Chinese Government that is evil. It is the Chinese Government that is vile and inhuman. It is the Chinese Government that enact policies that murder, dehumanise and dispossess the citizens of the country. It is the Chinese Government that make China the vile country that it is.

Pussy killer said...

You've probably quoted him out of context as usual.

Hmmm, double standards maybe? After you think women are subordinate to the order of cats.

Veronica Copeland said...

China is also one of the countries where conversions to Catholicism is highest, in spite of their atheistic government. Brave, determined, devout Catholics are many million strong in China now..... and growing!
Topical quotes like Morrissey's (especially considering the vast population of China) are inaccurate, offensive and ridiculous.
God Bless our brothers and sister in faith in China.

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