Equal Employment Rights for People Who Dress Terribly!

I sympathise, love, I sympathise. The same thing happened to me today.


georgem said…
Laurence, here comes the lecture. There are some things you just can't buck in the workplace. One of them is to dress in a way that doesn't frighten the punters. In other words, that awful civil service term "appropriately". I mean, if Fr. Blake sported face piercings and multiple tattoos or The Pope favoured dreadlocks and garage music for the liturgy, wouldn't we be a tad diverted from the real person and the message?
The fact is that in this world we can't all do what we want and be accepted "for ourselves". It's a self-indulgence we can't afford and I notice that those who push that fallacious line are, for the most part, successful, highly-paid, conservatively-dressed talking heads. We live and work in a community which has, like it or not, certain norms which includes that very Catholic term "self-discipline".
I'm sorry you were turned down for a job. I've been there and it's one hell of a slog to overcome the knockbacks. The right job for you will come at the right time and it may not be the kind of job you thought was the one for you. It often works out in a way we least expect. God has a funny way of turning things on their heads with His eternal capacity to surprise. Keep the faith.
BunBun4life said…
I guess that's why the british govt has made a ban on wearing crosses in the workplace. Cause it frightens the punters. NO WAIT, because muslims don't like it and they run the place.
Apparently wearing filthy dirty long sleeved gowns is fine for a muslim nurse because it protects her 'modesty' but the people who die from the MRSA bugs she transmits because she refuses to roll up her sleeves and SCRUB UP, well that's just the prices you pay to appease the unappeasable.

No crosses, no 'being yourself' or dressing freely UNLESS you are one of them, then it must be legislated above ALL ELSE !!!

And please make sure that police dogs wear BOOTIES when doing drug & criminal searches of their homes, lest you insult the organized crime ringleaders.

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