Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Marx Brothers

There were two in contention but while this guy may have just got elected as Labour leader, I don't think he's got what it takes to get Labour elected again. Good job too.

Well done Labour Party, you've elected an unelectable Marxist ideologue as your new leader...Good work! Anyway, just to see his voting record, here it is below, for more click here...

Voted moderately for replacing Trident.
Voted moderately against greater autonomy for schools.
Voted very strongly for more EU integration.
Voted for removing hereditary peers from the House of Lords.
Voted very strongly for a wholly elected House of Lords.
Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
Voted a mixture of for and against a transparent Parliament (That's an 'opaque' Parliament, then?)
Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban (Nazi!).
Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war (Oh dear, that'll be popular!).
Voted very strongly for allowing ministers to intervene in inquests (Nothing to hide, then?).
Voted very strongly for a stricter asylum system.
Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards (He's in the global new world order fruit 'loop').
Voted a mixture of for and against laws to stop climate change.
Voted very strongly for equal gay rights.


catholic politician said...

One wonders which politicians you do support since you seem to pick fault with all of them. Basically, I think you're ust a professional complainer with nothing constructive to say whatsoever. Maybe you support the BNP as their policies are probably closest to your extremist views expressed!

The Bones said...

One question.

Why do you lie about your job title constantly?

Ben Trovato said...

It is not unreasonable to fail to support any mainstream politicians in the current political climate. If one is seeking politicians whose worldview is at least not in direct conflict with Catholic social and moral teaching, one has to look long and hard.

catholic 9fill in the gap) said...

i don't lie about my job title, i have and have had many different roles and responsibilities in my life.

The Bones said...

Sure you have, mate. Keep taking the pills.

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