Friday, 10 September 2010

Who hasn't left their work in the pub?

Moorings Bar and Grill, Leamington
 Courtesy of BBC News

'A package of confidential documents relating to the Pope's visit has been handed in to police. Pope Benedict XVI will lead Mass in Birmingham's Cofton Park on 19 September as part of a UK state visit. West Midlands Police said documents relating to the Pope's Birmingham visit were handed in on Sunday.

It is thought the papers were found in a pub in Leamington Spa. A government spokesman said he was confident security had not been compromised. It is understood the discovered documents were handed to journalists who then took them to Shrewsbury police station. WRG, the events firm organising the Birmingham leg of the tour, said the plans were out of date and in no way compromised security. It said the papers had not been left behind by any members of WRG staff.

A spokesman for the Cabinet Office said: "The security of the papal visit is of paramount importance and we are confident that arrangements for all events are robust. We are aware of a document being passed to the media, but the police and event organisers have confirmed that security has not been compromised and are confident that the visit will be a safe and secure event."

Mark Wallace, chairman of WRG, said plans for the visit had been given to a large number of agencies who had signed confidentiality clauses. "These plans are very old and from early planning stages of the event," he said. They in no way reflect the visit and as a consequence the police and other agencies are not concerned. WRG manage and handle plans very, carefully."'

We've always had one of those nights, eh?

'Now where did I put those Papal security documents...Doh!'

(Ring, ring)

"Hello, is that the Moorings Bar and Grill? Yes, I was just wondering if anyone handed in..."

Welcome to the UK Pope Benedict XVI. Here we have this old English custom of getting ratted after work, especially on Fridays. It's kind of a stress relief thing because we're the most pent up, frustrated, over-worked, neurotic nation on the face of the Earth. As soon as the clock hits 5.30pm, its pub time. We'd invite you out for a pint too, but the Government introduced a smoking ban and we don't want to embarrass you by making you stand outside in the pissing rain just to enjoy a cigarette. Don't blame us, blame the Government.

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Catholic therapist. I published your comment, then deleted it because it has absolutely nothing to do with the blog post.

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