Monday, 8 December 2008

Royal Mail: The Agony of Choice

Which stamps will you use on your Christmas card envelopes this year? The Madonna of Humility by Lippo di Dalmasio, or high camp panto tat? The day that Christmas is represented by awful, irritating pantomimes such as Aladdin and Cinderella is the day you know this country is in the grip of a terrifying secular disease.

With tenderness and awe, the Blessed Virgin cradles God in her arms, just as with tenderness and awe she cradled the Babe in her womb. The Maker of all, the Redeemer of the World gazes lovingly with trust into the eyes of His Blessed Mother, who reverently looks upon Him who made Heaven and Earth. She knows that what she holds in her hands is more precious than anything on Earth, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the whole World, of all of Mankind, of every man, of every woman who has ever lived and will ever live.

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