Happy Christmas!

Midnight Mass tonight was wonderful, but tainted by sin, as a friend who I invited, a poor man, a friend who came to Mass for the first time, having weighed it up for 20 minutes before, who knows little or nothing of the Catholic faith, was forcibly removed from the Church for apparently singing too loudly by one of our parishioners who seemingly has taken it upon himself to be the Church bouncer. Not only was he subjected to the humiliation of being forcibly removed, but then had his head struck against the wall outside the Church and now has a big bruise. I think one of our parishioners not only has a strong devotion to St Michael, but literally thinks he is doing his job for him. Please pray for both of them.


Derek said…
Thank heavens you were sitting next to him Lawrence and were able to tell him and show him what to do, or at least had left instructions to someone else to keep an eye on him and help him follow the service.
It would be a dreadful sin to bring him into a world in which he knew nothing about without any care. I hope you weren't hurt defending him.
I was altar serving, Bro.

I'm not sure how much the Priest would have appreciated an altar server getting out and running down the aisle to break up a fight in the middle of Mass to stop someone getting thrown out.

It is up to all of us as a Christian community to welcome the stranger...I accept what you say and hindsight is a wonderful thing. However...

No man should violently force a poor man of Christ from the Church without very good reason. Thanks to the action of the man who did, it is unlikely we shall see my friend there again.
Seeker said…
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My friend and I met up today and he met others from the Church and says he wants to come during the week.

May God be praised.

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