Thursday, 18 December 2008

Support Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

When the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill was being debated and then passed, a petition was drawn up and sent, signed by over 2,000 signatories, to ask Her Majesty The Queen to refuse Royal Assent to the monsterous bill. The response from Buckingham Palace was unfortunately negative.

Now a new e-petition has been drawn up in support of the Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, who is bravely refusing to give his Royal Assent to a new bill legalising euthanasia in his country. Gerard Warner on his Telegraph blog states that, 'on December 4 the Grand Duke declared himself unable to promulgate the euthanasia law "for reasons of conscience".'

'The law...will allow doctors to kill patients diagnosed as "terminally ill" at the patient's request, supported by two physicians and a panel of "experts".' The Grand Duke’s action has triggered what some have called a "grave constitutional crisis" as the parliament moves to strip the duke of his constitutional power to sanction law.

Click the link here to sign a petition in support of the courageous Duke.

Remember to validate it afterwards when they send you an email to do so. I got mine in my bulk mail so check there if it isn't in your inbox.

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