Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Demographic Winter

Just found this on Catholic Fire. Looks like an interesting film.

There is a profound spiritual reason why trends have emerged which have led Western societies to have less children and a rapid increase in couples who seek to have no children. To put it very simply, as St Teresa of Calcutta said with words to this effect, "The Devil does not seek to destroy Mankind because he hates Mankind, he does it out of hatred for God." I am quite sure the Devil is delighted that fewer and fewer people are being born due to contraception, abortion and sterile extra-marital relationships, because not only is he jealous of our adopted status as Children of God, but because he knows that to convince nations that having children is unrewarding results in fewer births, fewer souls bound for Heaven and thwarts the procreative activity of God. All of his lies have been sent throughout the Earth out of hatred for God.

The fact that Western societies are rejecting more and more, marriage and children, is because they have been deceived into thinking that these things cannot make them happy, but that wealth, material possessions and consumerism can. It is a secular lie that is pervasive especially in the West. Even Vladimir Putin, who as far as I can tell is not well-known for being a softie, with the backing of the Orthodox Church, told the nation that there is a population decline rapidly taking place in Russia and that there should be a national holiday of breeding! Sadly, there is every chance that if such a day took place people would have mistaken it for a national day of shagging, most men would be wearing a rubber or most women would be on the pill!

When Humanae Vitae was published by the Church, an encyclical of Pope Paul VI in 1968, it was greeted with great criticism by people both inside and outside the Church. Yet, if you read it you can hear the prophetic voice of Truth. For Mankind to convince itself that contraceptive relationships are healthy is for Mankind to seek its own ruin, decimation and slow extinction. It is not scaremongering to suggest that civilisations that degenerate into sterility die. I went to a party at the weekend in London and it is not an exaggeration to say that even the majority of married couples there are without children. That, I suppose is hardly surprising, given that if any of them had children they probably wouldn't be at the party. I suppose if there is one thing that ends the parties it is children and maybe that is the point. But really, let us be frank, what are fifty 31 year olds doing partying into 4am anyway? Where are the children? They are not being born. One friend wanted to keep the fact that he and his wife are trying for a baby under wraps. Now, I know that personal lives are personal, but why be embarrassed by that? Err...friend you are married, it is not shocking that you and your wife want children and are going about having them. 40 years ago people just assumed you would be doing that.

Good party and believe me, I had a great time, save for embarrassing myself and someone very dear to me, but really, I have to ask, when does the party end and Life begin? I've been partying all my life and I can tell you, the older you get, the less and less fulfilling it becomes, drinking until the small hours, smoking until my voice is hoarse, flirting with whomever, singing like a twat trying desperately to impress someone special, strangely is becoming less and less rewarding every time. I've complained to friends of this and you know what they say? They say, "Oh enjoy it for now because these days don't last forever." Dear friend, you are mistaken, there is every chance that these days will last forever and it is starting to make me very sad.

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