Friday, 16 October 2015

Just another day...

Crown Him with many thorns, why not?

Scourge Him with many whips, why not?

Crucify Him again, why not?

Lord, save Your Church!

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Pelerin said...

I have just finished reading the interview with Pope Francis by the Paris Match journalist Caroline Pigozzi. The comment on extra-terrestrials was in reply to her question regarding an earth-like planet discovered by NASA last July.

We must bear in mind that the question was chosen by the journalist and it would have been rude of the Pope not to answer it. Paris-Match is a secular news magazine so her questions had to be of interest to the average French speaker who is probably a 'non-pratiquant'.

I was surprised to learn that Pope Francis gets up at 4.30 each morning - no wonder he is looking tired!

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