Thursday, 15 October 2015

Polish Battle Cry

This is not a bad choice of battle cry. 

Let us also pray it for the Polish Bishops.


Bogurodzica ("Mother of God") is a Polish Catholic hymn dating back to between the 10th and 13th centuries which has since then been sung in battle or facing an oppressor.

It is sung in times of peace, too, to commemorate those times when the Blessed Virgin Mary has protected the country of which she remains the only Queen.

Virgin, Mother of God, God-famed Mary!
Ask Thy Son, our Lord, God-named Mary,
To have mercy upon us and hand it over to us!
Kyrie eleison!
Son of God, for Thy Baptist's sake,
Hear the voices, fulfill the pleas we make!
Listen to the prayer we say,
For what we ask, give us today:
Life on earth free of vice;
After life: paradise!
Kyrie eleison!

Bogurodzica dziewica, Bogiem sławiena Maryja,
U twego syna Gospodzina Matko zwolena, Maryja!
Zyszczy nam, spuści nam.
Kyrie elison!
Twego dziela Krzciciela, bożycze,
Usłysz głosy, napełń myśli człowiecze.
Słysz modlitwę, jąż nosimy,
A dać raczy, jegoż prosimy:
A na świecie zbożny pobyt,
Po żywocie rajski przebyt.
Kyrie elison!


Left-footer said...

Magnificent! Thank you. God bless!

Dymphna said...

That's beautiful. Thank you.

torchofthefaith said...

There is such pure peace from the image of Our Lady.

Thanks for that Laurence.

And for all your quality articles too.

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