Sunday, 18 October 2015

More Buenos Aires Madness

See story here.


Long-Skirts said...


The Cathedral of Mar
de Plata men
Faced the gates
Of Hell and then

Faced the dogs
Who eat their vomit
With chain-linked Rosaries
A grace-ringed grommet

Protecting Holy
Mother’s portal
Their deed will ever
Be immortal

Several hundred
Rosaries prayed
As cursing curs
Their hate displayed

Dog-like flesh
Eating mammals
She hyenas
Cud-chew camels

Mongrels, hundreds
Diablo’s dames
Sex slaves relieth

But several hundred
Solid men
Each decade prayed
Were stones of ten

Aimed at half-bloods
Like David before
Each Ave slung
Gainst hellion’s whore

The Cathedral of Mar
de Plata men
“As it was in the beginning,
Is now…” Amen!!

Anonymous said...

Did he encourage them?

J said...

Gracias, Long-Skirts, quizás no sepas lo reconfortante que fue tu poema para los católicos que estuvieron ahí. Especialmente para los más jóvenes.

Anonymous said...

No I don't think he did, but he left ashes and embers behind his shoulders when he was the Argentine Primate, his country is a real mass and shambles and with an incoming presidential election....let's pray for them and all of us. God bless+

The Bones said...

The archbishop comment is a little joke BTW.

Jacobi said...

A fair sized crowd, but if you count the boob-types only about twenty, and many others trying to calm things. The pink hair colour was awful. Untypical of Argie lassies, as I remember them.

I thought the behaviour of the young Catholic men on the Cathedral steps was excellent.

I wonder what the Holy Father thought of all these shennanigns in his native city?

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