Monday, 19 October 2015

Here is a Conundrum...

Ah, what a riddle we have in our Pope.

Now that we understand that the 'Kasper proposal' will, in fact, be Bergoglio Boomerang, perhaps you can help me figure this one out...or have I figured it out?

Let's see now...

While touting 'doctrinal (let's throw in liturgical...pastoral...etc...) authority devolution' to create a loose federation of faith-in-humanity-so-come-and-do-as-you-please enclaves, which will be barely recognised as 'Catholic', pray tell why is Pope Francis, at the same time courting the Evangelicals and other denominations? I even wonder if some of them may know of what is afoot.

Remember that to Evangelicals unlike to those Traddies, Francis has been on video calling for union, a 'unity' for which he prays, even alluding to a possible future 'miracle' that will create unity. He has actually used that word. Is doctrinal devolution that miracle? Quite possibly! There's something of a stealth package going on under the surface of 'devolution' that observers haven't yet picked up on.

Remember me?: Hans Kung leaping like a yearling sheep at the potentials of 'Synodal' Churches

'Devolution' or 'synodality' in the sense proposed by Pope Francis is, in fact, not just a way to 'break the power of a future Successor of St Peter' by collapsing the Church at its centre, since how does a future Pope recover the authority which has been 'devolved' in terms of binding the Church as One and Universal, in faith and morals? It is also a way of creating new 'avenues' or rather a 'scorched earth' from which can be brought about ecumenical (or perhaps even inter-faith) unions.

What has stood in the way of, for example Anglican, Methodist, Baptist and Catholic 'union'? The primacy of Peter? The issues of Holy Communion and who can receive it? The nature of the Sacraments? Women priests? Lay 'participation' as ministers of the Sacraments. The Roman Rite of the Church?

All these things - once devolution gets really going - are up for grabs and we all know that the 'stumbling blocks to unity' are varied but have until now been 'insurmoutable'. Devolution could very well destroy the Catholicity of the Church BUT, here's the clever part. 

Bergoglio Boomerang: Reaches out to the peripheries but comes back to the centre
It doesn't just mean 'national churches'. No, if you can imagine, its even more serious than that.   If the Catholic Faith doesn't hold at its centre, in its core, that will be the green light for its abandonment the world over.

Yet this move devolves the Church in such a way that it opens up the Catholic Church to such pastoral and doctrinal ambiguity that there could be, in the near future perhaps, no reason why the Catholic Church shouldn't 'unite' with other Christian denominations, thus creating a pan-religious masonic wet dream to the likes of Hans Kung.

How many Bishops would be prepared to drop this whole Catholicism thing and form a united religion with say, Anglicans? How many would be prepared, now that the whole Catholic 'charismatic' movement is so up and running, to stand in the way of 'God's dream' of uniting the Catholic Church with the Evangelicals who do not hold the Perennial Faith of the Church? Or perhaps the animists and Buddhists can come in too. After all, don't we want a world of peace, harmony and fraternity? Isn't the Catholic Church the vehicle God would choose to unite all humanity in one big rendition of 'Imagine'?

Wouldn't that just be mean and heartless to stand in the way of this dream? Wouldn't that just stand in the way of unity? What 'conservative' or 'traditional' bishop would stand in the way of a United World Religion that brought peace to all of humanity in common solidarity and fraternal sharing of joy?

That Bishop would be cruel and disobedient. We can all see where the 'Holy Spirit' is moving us from a plan formed long ago by Freemasons.

What Catholic would dare stand in the way of this 'devolution' dream, destroying the very concept of securing and defending the deposit of faith, reducing Peter to a mere celebrity figure and all round nice guy, while tilling the Catholic soil for the great pan-religious love nest of the end times dreamt of by so many of Pope Francis's cheerleaders?

Right now Catholics are grappling with the Pope's Synodal hand-grenade and we think it's all about 'many Catholic churches'. My guess is there is more to this pre-determined strategy than merely that. The ecumenical and inter-faith dream is a big project with BIG backers. It is essentially masonic and could go some way to explaining why the mainstream media have given Francis a free pass.

My guess is the destructive work of destroying the Church's centre and foundations, as well as collapsing the 'oneness' of the Church is not so simple as to create national conference differences for doctrine and pastoral care, because these people don't simply want to destroy and leave it there. There is a greater project in mind. Think of what Cardinal Martini, Karl Rahner and Hans Kung had/have in mind. Think of their sweeping "ambition".

This is the levelling of the Church that the 'reformers' see as the stepping stone to the pan-religious utopia. Peter's authority, with doctrinal clarity, must go, end of, in order to establish the foundations of the new religion.

If that's the motive, and its quite a plausible one given the shady characters the Pope has adopted as advisers, if the Pope gets his way, he'll have prepared both the Church and the world for the Antichrist quite well and, likely, quite soon.

You will say I am mad of course, but perhaps not as mad as you would have said three weeks ago.

I smell a rat. Something truly wicked is afoot.

UPDATE: Michael Voris cites the masonic principles at work at the Synod.

Without drawing out the conclusions of just where a 'Masonic Synod' ends up, in advocating a One World Religion, Michael Voris, I see, has noticed the same pattern emerging. Worth remembering, too, that the 'dialogue' that Masons establish within the Church - and within society - is entirely artificial. They hatch their plans and carry out their plans. 

Resistance is crushed, entirely.


Chloe said...

What a puke fest this whole pontificate is. Sorry. Can no longer be polite.

Elizmary said...


E George said...

At this point, Chloe, I'm puked out and am left dry-heaving. Honestly, what's even left to be in full communion with anymore? 2000 years and now this? Unbelievable.

DJR said...

This article is one of the scariest things I have read in the last 10 years. Now that we are living these events, I think it is more than extremely plausible.

Guys, what do we do, on a practical level?

I know all about the pray and fast bit. Got it. But there's more to our religion than that.

Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Laurence, Are you familiar with the Father Gobbi locutions from the Virgin Mary called 'To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons'? Locutions #406-407 are dead on prophecies as to what is occurring now and they were given about 30 years ago.

tommy said...

The scenario presented here is very scary but only too plausible given the cast of characters
on the bridge. There seems to a clear plan to destroy the family,marriage,sacraments,dogma and
the lynch-pin of the entire church...the papacy. You are quite right, this plan has been in preparation for some time.

BrazilianJoe said...

Excellent, Bones, you are absolutely right. This is not a conspiracy theory. Everything is open now and full steam ahead. Last June, Chiesa Viva, an italian magazine, issued an excerpt of one of the late Father Luigi Villa's books, published in 2008, about this matter:
In italian:

English translation:

Deacon Augustine said...

Puke comes out of the wrong orifice to be a suitable descriptor for this papacy and synod! The byproducts of amoebic dysentry might be more apt.

It is all becoming more clear now, however. Some weeks ago Marx let drop the bombshell that whatever happened in the synod, the Nietzchian Nazis would go their own way because "We are not a subsidiary of Rome." Mueller responded correctly that this was unCatholic to say the least, and several other Cardinals such as Kurt Koch rode in and attempted to slap Marx down.

The person who was notable by his silence was of course the one person who should have spoken out against this threat of schism - Frankie Two Flats. Along with the teaching and defense of the Faith, his main raison d'etre is to preserve the unity of the Church. Yet in public he said nada.

Looks to me like he had already agreed to give the heretics what they wanted in order to prevent schism - the devolution of doctrinal and pastoral authority to their own bishops' conference. I would bet my cassock on it that false "ecumenism" has been at the root of this cesspit, just as it has in everything else since and including Vatican II. And as you rightly say Bones, once the Church is wrecked to make room for these freaks, every other heretic on the planet will be welcome to swing on by the Franky & Benny One World Religion Show.

Will any bishop have the guts to call him out on it?

Barbara Jensen said...

Bones, this is an excellent analysis of where we are headed. Thanks for spelling it out. In your description of what is really coming-- and you are not 'mad' at all, but merely stating what is there if people want to look--I could not help but think about what is ahead for the Holy Eucharist. In order to accomplish this 'oneness' with other Christian denominations, belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist will need to be denied, as will the reality of the Mass. This has all been predicted in credible Catholic prophecy. This reality is happening before our eyes and denial of it will make our suffering much more painful and unbearable. The answer is deep prayer and union with Christ and His Mother. This must be predicated one's sincere amendment of life, regardless of Bergoglio's illusions about 'mercy'. Nothing else will do. Without adherence to authentic, interior union with God through participation in the Mass, reception of the Sacraments of Confession and the Holy Eucharist, any one of us will be unable to be faithful and endure the trial that is upon us now. Thanks for explaining the true significance of the deceits being perpetrated at the 'synod'. You are making perfect sense.

Genty said...

It's all utterly plausible. But there is more. The Catholic Church has been the historic bastion against Islam. The Islamists' fanatical ambition is to conquer Rome because they know that when they have Rome, they have the world. In the face of the tide of Islam spreading across Europe the hierarchy, sitting in their cosy, platitudinous let's-all-be-buddies bubble would, in effect, be surrendering the keys of St. Peter to the greatest enemies of Christ.

Unknown said...

The only vat 2 churches that will be half-way morally safe will be the African churches. But they will crumble in time.

Seattle kim

Nicolas Bellord said...

Islam denies the divinity of Christ and when the Muslims were sweeping across Spain in the 8th century the Archbishop of Toledo and Metropolitan of all Spain, Eliphandus, thought he could do a deal with them by saying Jesus was not the son of God but an ordinary human whom God had adopted; the heresy of Adoptionism was born. Most of the Spanish hierarchy followed him. Fortunately there were those who opposed him - notably Beato of Liebena who got in touch with the Pope who sent Alcuin of York to sort them out.

Under the suggested synodal system nothing would be done in future in similar circumstances.

torchofthefaith said...

At the ''Rainbow Catholics'' meeting on 3rd October in Rome, Martin Pendergast spoke openly of the strong support the ''LGBT Westminster Catholics'' have received from Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

The meeting was attended by Peter Matjasic of the globalist Open Society Foundations group. This is one the interest groups of George Soros - a man who speaks openly about building a ''New World Order.''

The Open Society Foundations website suggests that the group has expended some $827 million globally during 2014 alone.

Peter Matjasic tweeted that former Ireland leader Mary McAleese - another attendee at the ''Rainbow Catholics'' meeting - had given ''a compelling condemnation of Roman Catholic doctrine on homosexuality.''

It is time to join the dots - and to ask Cardinal Nichols and Bishop Peter Doyle: Whom do you serve?

Lepanto said...

Let's not forget Our Lady of Fatima's words promising an era of peace and the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. A 'storm' is coming and eventually the world will turn to God and His Church, which will fulfill its role once again. One of the Cardinals who read the 'third secret' said that it involved apostasy 'at the top' and we are witnesses to that but a great intervention will come about and its source will be unmistakable. Don't lose heart.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...


I steal a chair, but sit elsewhere.
I wear a robe, but am naked.
I kneel, but never bend to God.
I speak falsehood, or truth, or both.
My face is bigger than Jesus.

Who am I?

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Answer : a heresiarch.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Bishop Peter Doyle was interviewed on Vatican Radio where he said homosexuality was a main issue affecting the family and that it was being ignored or parked by the Synod. How on earth he can make such a fatuous statement escapes me.

Cardinal Nichols on the other hand is paradoxical. On the one hand he has given support to the LGBT Westminster Catholics who openly advocate the Church allowing sodomy whilst on the other hand giving credence to a homophobic witch hunt at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth by excluding the Order of Malta from using their Conventual Church at the Hospital on the flimsiest of grounds because they failed to follow a guideline on Child Protection although nothing untoward actually happened. VN is a politician who swings in the wind and sits on the fence because in his view the fence has no side upon which he can come down.

Unknown said...

"May John the Baptist protect Islam." "pope" JP2.

And then he pursed his "papal" lips and gave the Koran a big swak.

Seattle kim

Unknown said...

Get thee to independent sedevacantist chapel or indecent sede traveling priest. You can't trust the SSPX anymore---their chapels all still have giant pics of Frankenpope.

Seattle kim

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

@Seattle Kim

A swak on the devil's nethers, no less. But who didn't applaud?

amfortas said...
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c matt said...

... how does a future Pope recover the authority which has been 'devolved' in terms of binding the Church as One and Universal, in faith and morals?

By having the cajones to authentically exercise his Petrine ministry. But first, he will have to exorcise the episcopal hierarchy. But the likelihood of such a Pope being elected becomes slimmer each day, save for divine intervention.

Lynda said...

It's all been prophesied many times. Mankind has rejected God and this is the evil that Satan has thus been able to wreak upon the Church, as foreseen by Leo XIII.

Lynda said...

They are part of the New World Order World Dictatorship's "New World Church", long in the planning. Pope Francis has made it clear, he is close collaborator with the NWO dictatorship that persecutes the Church and all men who will not cooperate with their evil tyranny. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

Gatormom said...

I certainly can't say you are mad at all. I also am wondering what is a Catholic supposed to do practically speaking. Heard ya on the fast and praying, got it. I guess if this guy will soon be ushering in the antichrist, we just kiss our asses goodby? I have three little boys! I've told them already if anything were to happen to me please don't listen to a word this Pope says. Read about your faith, read like crazy anything preVaticanII. What kind of Catholic am I??? telling my children, begging them don't follow the world, don't follow the Catholic Church, don't follow your teachers, global warming is a hoax, illegal immigration endangers us, Muhammedans are evil and dangerous, don't watch any television shows, don't watch most movies, don't listen to most music, don't trust the news, don't trust politicians, don't marry a liberal I beg beg beg you don't marry a liberal. How are they supposed to navigate this world when there is NO safe ground. All around is just a giant mind field. Thank God for WUWTS! I wouldn't know a soul who had the least concern about any of this if I didn't find folks here, strangers that I'll never meet who actually have concern about what is happening. Should I go to SSPX? I always would have preferred the TLM but I never would want to be schismatic. Well, I kind of feel like I'm losing the Church to be in schism with. Really, I now feel so indignant for SSPX, how dare anyone call them schismatic when I see the heresy flowing out of the Cardinals in this Synod. And the SSPX is irregular?!?!

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

@Gatormom. God never abandons faith. And His Church, though much diminished at times, will be with us 'till the consumation of the age'. Continuing to conform with the mind of Christ and His Church over and above the 'X-Factor-feed' of the now regularised Novus Ordo Parish is where the challenge resides.

Unknown said...

Gator mom,

I feel your pain and frustration. Raised my 2 boys Novus Ordo after converting in 2003 when they were 7and 9. My dear husband has remained a faithful agnostic all these years. I pray a deathbed conversion for him. My sons have both left the church or what I thought was the church . I now take the sacraments at an independent sedevacantist chapel. I've told my whole family including the lovely quasi Buddhist Taiwanese serious girlfriend of my oldest son that if I die ---DO NOT follow Francis or whoever he endorses as savior of the world. I could be wrong about all this and maybe I'm just the crazy fanatical religious mom and wife they love, but I fear for them.

Husky and Cougar Mom
Seattle Kim

Anonymous said...

Sons grow up and go away, no matter whether you raised them NO or VO, simply when they become adults, they do what they like, and you can do nothing, it's not question about Francis and his fellows, it happens, that's life, we parents can only pray for them and for us, the Lord is the only Saviour. God bless +.

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