Too Much Persecution to Ignore

The BBC has highlighted quite a bit of the persecution of Christians recently, but then there is quite a bit of persecution of Christians going on in this World at the present time. Three different recent stories concerning the plight of Christians in Iraq (Yes, that's right, the blood that flowed in the Church of Our Lady of Salvation was clearly not enough), Pakistan and Egypt.

2 more killed in house attacks in Iraq

Asia Bibi of Pakistan has a price on her head

Christians forced to become Muslims in Egypt


georgem said…
Another atrocity - in Alexandria at New Year. We should be hearing more about this from the pulpit or nave or wherever priests preach. We should be hearing more about this from the bishops.
We should be urged to pray for these poor souls. Unless you walk around with eyes and ears closed you cannot deny this is a calculated war on Christians. Its aim: to destroy Christianity.
In the Muslim world, plus ├ža change