Pope Benedict XVI Foresees New Dark Age

I find Michael Voris a bit much sometimes, as he can be more than a little condescending, but he is a bold Catholic with the Faith of Christ coarsing through his veins and he is right to draw attention to the Holy Father's rather apocalyptic words.


Confused Catholic.com said…
WTF Who the Hell is this guy to warn, yes warn bishops that they "will be engulfed by darkness"? He accuses 'ivory tower' sitting amongst the bishopry. Well, I would have thought the idea of a bishop already implied an ivory tower. Where does a layman like him get the nerve to tell bishops what they should do in the name of authority?? What authority does this brass-necked chancer have? Money, that's what authority he works for - he doesn't give a damn about values, and he certainly had no authority to questiont he heirarchy of the church
A dirty job but someone has to do it.
Confused Catholic.com said…
Not where I came from. Either follow the authority or leave the Church. You can't support the magisterium and the authority of bishops and then criticise the bits you don't like (while putting oneself forward as an arbiter of good and evil as this man does). Like I said, this guy has no sympathy witht he Church, he is just employed to make money for a cheapcable station. Hence the striking similarity between his brand of Catholicism and the Evangelical brand of Protestantism on similar TV networks. he's more interested in frightening children than celebrating the mysteries
He supports the Magisterium of the Church, just thinks, like many do, that the Bishops do not. It seems to me to be a fairly accurate assessment of the situation.
Anonymous said…
Voris may be a lay person but he sure has this right. Millions of Catholics and non-Catholics already agree with him. And the Pope's warning about the immanent collapse of society has been ignored by the main stream media in its reporting on this very important address. Naturally they would ignore it since they are part of the problem!
georgem said…
Confused Catholic.com
Yes, you certainly are.
Because in England and Wales, in case you hadn't noticed, you either support Pope Benedict and the magisterium or you support the bishops of England and Wales.
Currently, by the words and deeds of our hierarchy, the two appear to be mutually exclusive.
Remember how our bishops very publicly and consistently downplayed the potential turnout for the Pope's visit? (They denied it afterwards).
What a surprise it must have been to see how many of their flock ignored them and chose to welcome the Pope.