Mejorada del Campo Cathedral

A wonderful story here from the BBC...

'A man in Spain has spent almost 50 years building a church entirely from scrap, after he was expelled from a monastery after he contracted tuberculosis.

Justo Gallego, 85, says the construction in Mejorada del Campo is an "act of faith" but others warn it's a huge folly - and say that the building, which has never had planning permission, could be pulled down.'
Let's hope it stands and stays. Here is the BBC story of the fascinating man and his amazing Cathedral, built solely because of his simple and profound faith in Christ.


Mavis O'Reilly said…
''...built solely because of his simple and profound faith in Christ''

or maybe, due to mental health issues!
Well, Mavis, he seems sane enough to me.
J.L. De Bodt (Belgium) said…
I met this man and admire his life's work. Most thought he was crazy, but as his work progressed he received many espect. He now has the assistance of three volunteers. A new Gaudi who believed in God.