Brighton: Europe's Newest Ski Resort

A snowboarder enjoys Devil's Dyke, Brighton
Not content with being a seaside resort, a gay resort and a city in which the police resort to entrapment tactics to imprison the homeless, Brighton is now Europe's newest ski resort.

It is absolutely freezing outside. What with the recession, cuts and rise in unemployment, I wouldn't be surprised to see men selling icicles in the streets. "Fresh icicles! Get them while you can! Real icicles! Buy one icicle, freeze the second, so it will keep for a week!"

The chances of those men getting jobs in this country appear to have halved, with Lynne Featherstone's new affirmative action for ladies in the workplace in the pipeline. Everyone knows that nowadays men belong in the kitchen. The soup kitchen, that is.

That isn't a picture of me above by the way. If I tried that I'd break every bone in my body. The most I managed to do today was go to the library (I couldn't help noticing that the 'LGBT section' was just outside the 'Children's Library')  and hire G K Chesterton's 'St Francis of Assisi' and 'The Life of St Columba' by Adomnan of Iona. Will I read them? That is another matter altogether!


pelerin said…
So that's what you do in your spare time Laurence! I was going to give up Catholic blogging for Advent as there is depressing news out there. However this resolution has not lasted long and that is a fun picture. It is very deep up here where it is untouched and it looks as though I shall have to hibernate a bit longer as I dare not venture out.
shadowlands said…
I love snow. It's brightness cheers me up somehow.
pelerin said…
You managed to get to the library? Well done. That must have been quite a trek. No chance here of getting into town for a while yet I fear.