Gay Narcissists Pay £100,000 For 'Designer' Baby

For once I am nearly speechless.

I did say nearly.

Let's pray for their conversion. The Building Restoration Fund of St Mary Magdalen's could do with £100,000, and/or a new hostel for Brighton's homeless in winter. This couple sound like they've got so much money they can buy a baby and ensure he has got their hair colour and eye colour.

What would have been deemed fantastical and absurd 50 or even 20 years ago is now discussed on daytime TV. Of course, this idea is grotesquely wrong on quite a few counts, though, it has to be said, this is perhaps just the end result of what happens when the morally reprehensible, indeed amoral, IVF industry is allowed to flourish and the gay movement assumes 'rights' that are not in any way right. I can't help thinking, watching the interview, that even they know they are in the wrong.

Embrace the Holy Faith and send your pink pounds this way, boys, because I don't think that buying a baby that looks like you is going to make you happy, not in the short run and certainly not in the long run.


Adam said…
Did you hear 'Dad and Daddy',a feature on Woman's Hour about gay surrogate families,first broadcast 21/07/10? It's still available to
listen on demand.

Listen out for the reason why they opted for a Caesarean section for their children's delivery. It's mind boggling.