Advent Music

Nobody does Advent and Christmas like the Catholic Church. Well, when we do it. Wouldn't it be nice if they played this in Sainsbury's instead of McCartney, Cliff, Lennon, Crosby, Sinatra, Elvis or whatever awful nauseating pap contemporary secular musicians churned out in the run up to the Holy Feast of Christmas in another desperate effort to make some more cash? Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of secular musicians I do like, I just don't think any of them are able to 'tackle' Christmas without ruining it...especially for people buying groceries! Bah humbug!

Still, I shouldn't grumble. I may need to do some busking over the next few weeks and I know from last year that Wham!'s 'Last Christmas' and Band Aid's 'Do They Know Its Christmas?'  go down as exceedingly well as mince pies on Christmas Day, if, and only if you are prepared to wear a Santa suit (for £3.99 from Partyland on London Road). I'd happily sing chant, but having spoken to someone who knows, singing chant for money is sacrilegious.