Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus

I don't know about you, but I've found it hard to keep my head up just recently. It is hard not to be depressed about the evil that is assaulting human life and the Church, especially here in the United Kingdom - the 'epicentre of the culture of death'.

We know that it is not yet all over with the 'same-sex marriage' legislation. There is still the House of Lords who will hopefully give it the pounding it deserves, but only one Lord can save us now. The assaults on the unborn continue, the undermining of the family continues, Lord Falconer is still trying to get his wicked way with 'assisted suicide' and the culture of death continues apace. The dignity of human life is under attack from all quarters in the public sphere. Depressing? Yes. It is enough to make you weep.

There is general dis-ease with the 'same-sex marriage' legislation, because it seems wholly unnecessary. Yet, there is also, surely, a growing dis-ease with the direction in which we are headed in the name of 'progress'. Exactly where are we headed? Human cloning is now looming over humanity as the scientific age glories in its discoveries without recourse to anything we have hitherto understood as conscience.

Human life is sacred: We will rue that we stopped believing it
A Guardian piece on the cloning of human embryonic stem cells is interesting because of the comments it has received from its readers. There is a natural aversion to this kind of science. There is a wariness. Are people ready to entrust the future of humanity to scientists? Are people read to entrust humanity's future to scientists? Exactly what are we building here? What 'boundaries' are we pushing? Is there no ethical concern over this? Where are the moral boundaries? Who is the arbiter of how far we can go? What if embryos really are tiny human beings and we have been sold a myth?

When I look at the embryology and cloning discoveries, I see something far more horrifying than 'same-sex marriage' on the horizon. This is because 'same-sex marriage' is, while a disaster for the human family and for marriage, also a bit of a 'joke'. It is ridiculous. It is not funny but it is laughable. Watching MPs take it seriously was absurd. The concept is the height of absurdity. Its actuality will be even more silly. Two ladies in white dresses getting married in a town hall...'Good grief, what will they think of next?'

 However, the truth is that they have already thought of it - what is next, that is. We are now well and truly in the air in the 'great leap forward'. We have already leapt, so where will we land? Dan Hodges, yesterday, told Conservative MPs who rebelled against the SSM proposal that they need to accept that they live in the 21st century. The implication of Dan's argument was that anyone who didn't go along with 'same-sex marriage' refused to live in the 21st century - refused to be modern - refused to accept 'progress', does not even 'belong' in this century, forgetting that many a totalitarian regime has perpetrated crimes against humanity in the name of 'progress'. It is a terribly flawed argument, but we should face that it is going to be employed regularly and most especially at us. The programme is set and ready and we are going to be asked to 'get with it'.

Progressives see themselves as those who bring betterment and who illuminate humanity towards a bright and glorious future. They have something in mind. They will rarely say what that future looks like, but in order to create it, we are going to need new laws and a new vision and understanding. Two ideas from the Evil One have allowed the high priests of science and 'progress' to get to where they now are and both are gravely evil. Both have been swallowed hook, line and sinker by the British.

Abortion did for the unborn child what Hitler's laws did for the Jews. The unborn child, or fetus, or embryo, now has no humanity as recognised by the State. In the mind of the average Brit an unborn child has no rights, an embryo in early stages even less so. Let's be clear, we are now dealing with 'non-persons' even though they are person enough for scientists to harvest rich human pickings from them from out of their developing humanity. The other idea is the severing from sexual union the idea of procreation. This divorce enables such evils as 'same-sex marriage', but it also enables scientists to usurp God in the scientific laboratory and to create while they also destroy as they play around with human life in the name of 'progress'.

'Same-sex marriage' is the final nail in the coffin that links sexual union in marriage with children or even sex and marriage entirely. Recall that there is no duty upon homosexuals and lesbians to 'consummate the relationship'. Now there is talk of civil partnership status for 'heterosexual equality'. How long before civil partnerships supplant marriage in a secular atheist age? Marriage and its meaning will be changed unalterably in the popular consciousness. The idea of procreation and the natural bringing forth of new life through sexual union in marriage is under concerted attack. Could there be a good, or rather, evil reason? Is it too early to suggest that the end goal of the 'progressives' is that of bringing human reproduction under the control of science? Possibly. I wouldn't put it past them.Would it be so surprising if human reproduction became something bound up with the State and its power over the citizen? If you objected to this eugenics, would you belong in the 22nd century or even the 21st. Perhaps we have learned nothing, Mr Hodges, from the 20th century. Every century is littered with useful idiots championing ideologies that led to human slaughter and enslavement. Nothing new about it, Dan. Nothing new at all.

Human life is sacred. Those pushing for a brave new world do not want you to believe that and we will rue the day we stopped believing it. The Author of all human life is God. We will rue the day that we stopped believing it.


Andrew rex said…
Governments and Nation States have been trying unsuccessfully for time immemorial to regulate procreation, so I wouldn't worry too much about it happening in the future. The drive for sexual expression is part of human instinct, I very much doubt it can be controlled to the extent of your foreboding!
Lynda said…
We are all suffering for the great lies, injustice and oppression which characterise these great evils. We must never stop fighting the evil, strengthening our faith and reason, and consoling and strengthening each other. God bless your constant rejection of the lies and perversions being forced upon us. And parents - get your children out of school and educate them at home.
umblepie said…

Don't let the ------ get you down, keep up the good fight and keep the posts coming. They are revelatory and inspirational.Our Lord was crucified by men and died on the Cross,He was not accepted by the world. Why should we think that His followers will be treated any differently? To share in Christ's Resurrection we must share in His Passion - if only in a tiny way. Cristo Rey!